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Different Paper Material Types for Making Jewelry Custom Boxes



jewelry boxes

Jewelry custom paper boxes are the best way to attract potential customers to your organization. People used to give jewelry on many occasions such as birthday gifts, weddings, etc. Additionally, the e-commerce industry is rapidly growing and more and more people are starting their set-ups. Usually, small businesses do not invest in advertising and branding staff. So to make it more attractive, having eye catchy packaging is a must for getting more sales.

Good packaging is crucial to provide the best user experience. Considering the material, the jewelry is a very delicate art piece which is why it is essential to have the best packaging that helps the jewelry piece to stand out as well as help to protect the jewelry. Some petite pieces of jewelry, such as rings, do not look well in packaging bags; thus, a unique box is needed to please the customer and ensure that the item is completely contained. However, traditional packing boxes are more expensive than cardboard boxes that have the same requirements. Furthermore, in this article, we discuss how packaging helps jewelry boxes attract customers on a budget, as well as the various types of papers used in packaging.


Some of the most beautiful and colorful jewelry boxes are made from cardboard, a durable material.

The paper box is the most expensive package of high-quality materials and cardboard. Cardboard is a strong and durable material from which one can make the most stunning and decorative jewelry boxes. You should also consider the material utilized for the interior lining. This should be a soft, lint-free material, such as felt. A liner that is excessively rough or abrasive may scratch your jewelry.

Custom Paper Boxes

The paper is of different types and it is somewhat overwhelming to decide what type of packaging goes best for your product type. On the other hand, regardless of what type of product you need to preserve, the boxes must have the potential to protect the product from damage. In addition, the presentation to deliver the product safely and securely is a matter. Custom Paper Boxes can be personalized according to product requirements and packaging specifications. The manufacturing of the boxes depends on my design and color theme. Choose a design that is timeless, appealing, and can grasp the attention of the customer.

This way, you can easily be able to focus on their things because having strong packaging brings sales and potential customers. Having attractive packaging will help you stand out from the crowd and attract attention. According to a recent study, 67% of individuals are either extremely likely to notice unique packaging. The different types of paper material written below, which can be used in jewelry custom paper boxes packaging


Clay-coated board (CRB/CCNB) is a recycled white one-sided paperboard that has been clay coated, with a grey or brown back side. This board is suitable for printing, and while it is more expensive than chipboard and graphic board, it is less expensive than SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate Board. The drawback of this paper is that it doesn’t lock the moisture, it’s recommended to avoid using this paper for the packaging if you are deciding the custom paper boxes for frozen food or related products. Other than that, this kind of paper is most frequently used to create foldable carton packaging. Because the quality isn’t as great as other paper grades and the paper can’t support as much weight in terms of product, it’s not exactly a fan favorite among paper grades.

FFB Paper

Folding Box Board (FBB) is a form of paperboard that is composed of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp. It is composed of being sandwiched between two layers of chemical pulp. The topmost layer is made of peroxided chemical pulp with an optional dyestuff coating. It is a low-density material with great rigidity that is somewhat yellow on the inside. The most common applications for folding boxboards are health & beauty items, and frozen and refrigerated foods.

SBS Paper

Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) is a low-density paper. It is coated with polyethylene from one side, as it is acid-free and gives great printing results. The extra coverage of polyethylene prevents them from any humidity. SBS board is composed of recycled paper that has been bonded together to make a single big material. It is widely used in bakery and food packaging, ice cream packaging, cosmetics packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging. It offers a beautiful white look and a reduced stiffness ratio, allowing for greater freedom in carton design. The surface is exceptionally smooth, with excellent printability and consistent roll-to-roll quality.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is also known as SUS or CUK. It is 100% recycled paper material; it is a durable paperboard material made from chemical pulp created through the Kraft process. A small coating of kaolin clay can be placed on the surface to improve printing quality. Kraft paper is a popular material in e-commerce and food packaging owing to its durability, flexibility, and environmental friendliness. It’s a wonderful choice for food packaging, cosmetic packaging, and jewelry custom paper boxes.


Custom paper boxes are the best options for cost-effective boxes. Rather, the design depends on the customer’s demand. Usually, these boxes are printed with mat finishing to give the classic look to the jewelry pieces such as ring boxes, etc.


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