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4 Questions that You Must Ask a Roofer Before Hiring?



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Summer is the perfect season for any kind of construction work because the heat can easily dry off any structure easily. That’s the reason why you mostly find your favorite roofers busy these days. The roof must be in excellent condition all the time because it is responsible for the safety of the whole building. It prevents the excess rainwater from coming in contact with the rest of the building. That’s why if the rainy season prolongs, then it is mandatory to inspect the roof. Before you hire residential roofing services to install or fix the damages, make sure you ask the following questions from the roofer.

Which roof is better for me?


This is a typical question that is mandatory to ask from a roofer if you are installing a new roof or replacing the existing one. There are several kinds of roofs and most people select a roof type based on their budget, which is a wrong way of doing things. Because every roof is designed to perform under specific weather conditions. If it is not compatible with the weather, then you’d require frequent roof repair service and the life expectancy would be very low. That’s why to ask this question from the roofer to understand your situation perfectly.  

How good is your team?

Being concerned about the experience and expertise of a company is a normal thing and that’s exactly why you must ask this question. Everyone loves to hire an experienced company, but only a few must up courage to ask tough questions. Asking this question will remove any doubts that you have in mind about the expertise of the company. Roofing is a very challenging task that’s why the roofing company must be experienced and should have a highly skilled team at their disposal. A good combination of these two makes an excellent team. So, ask this question to remove any doubts that you might have.  

Is your company registered?

It is a credibility-based question and it is asked when you try to gauge the company from a legal perspective. Hiring a non-registered company can have severe consequences. For example, a company that isn’t registered isn’t bound to follow any law or quality regulation. The situation becomes critical when such a company offers a warranty because you’d never know if you would ever find them again. That’s why always trust a roofing contractor that is registered and has a valid license for the construction work. Such information is usually shared on the website or if you are lucky, then you can find it in their office as well. 

Are you insured?

It is probably one of the highly ignored questions ever. People are often attracted to the price, not to the quality of service they are getting until something bad happens. The insurances are mandatory to protect your rights. Just imagine that the work is in progress and the contractor mistakenly causes damage or something happens out of the blue. Who do you think would pay for the damages? The contractor would never want to pay if he’s now insured. However, on the other end, a contractor that is insured would cover up the damages with the insurance money easily. 

Finding a good roofer is quite a challenge and it has become relatively easier to do so because a lot of information can be found online. In short, you must investigate the company before hiring otherwise you are putting your investment at risk. An easy way to find a good contractor is to prepare a good list of questions and get a clear answer for them. Afterward, get everything in writing with a date. 

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