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How to Choose the Right Flowers for Right Occasions



Right Flowers as gift

Gifts are an amazing way to express your love and gratitude towards the people that mean a lot to us. Sometimes the feelings that we have for someone cannot be expressed through words, and that’s where gifts come into play. They help to strengthen our bonds with the people we love. Each gift has its expression. They are the true reflection of the bond that you hold with the recipient. While it can be extremely fun to be at the receiving end, giving the gift to someone we love can also impart a sense of happiness and joy in our hearts.


Talking about gifts, have you ever wondered why flowers are one of the most precious gifts of all? Well, there can be many reasons behind the same such as the beauty and elegance they hold that can instantly bring a wide smile to the recipient’s face. Giving flowers is a gifting tradition that is genuinely loved by every culture out there. Flowers can connect to the recipient’s emotions at heart. They are also the best last moment gift to opt for, and so many florists have now opened online that you can now send an online flower delivery in Bangalore or any other city of your choice.


Red Roses:

Red roses don’t need an introduction as they are automatically linked to undying, passionate and devoted love between two individuals. The colour red is considered the colour of love. So, whenever you need to express your true love to your crush or your partner, red roses are the ones you should opt for. In addition to this you can also go for red roses on Valentine’s day, pair them up with chocolates and they will be the perfect gifts.


Pink Carnations:

You might have seen a lot of people carrying pink carnations on Mother’s day. Are you aware as to why these flowers are so popular on this day? Pink Carnations are said to be bloomed first at the same spot where Virgin Mary’s tears fell, which is why they are considered the perfect symbol for a mother’s love for her child. Pink is usually considered the colour of Love and Sentiments and thus are a great option for mother’s day gifts.


Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Anniversaries are special events that mark a milestone in the life of a married couple. While there isn’t a specific flower attributed to the wedding anniversaries, they do have specific flowers associated with different years of the same. For the first anniversary, you can go for Pansy flowers; Cosmos is considered the best for the 2nd anniversary, Fuchsia’s for the 3rd anniversary and so on.



Whenever someone in your close circle is unwell, flowers can truly help to brighten their dull day at home or the hospital. Flowers bring new rays of hope for the injured or sick individual, hopes to get well soon. Sunflowers represent the best get well soon flowers due to their vibrant yellow colour. Yellow colour represents health and wellness, and so it is the best colour to opt for a sick individual while praying for their speedy recovery.


Purple Orchids:

Orchids are one of the prettiest flowers out there. The elegance they hold is unmatched, and their long shelf life makes them the best gifts to give to someone as they can stay fresher for a pretty long period. Purple orchids perfectly represent respect and dignity and are best gifted to your mentor, such as your teachers, for instance. Purple orchids make a great teacher’s day gift or maybe even for your boss on their birthday.


White Lily

While lilies can come in many variants, each variant has its meaning attached to it, and white lilies stand out. These flowers are often used in weddings as the colour white symbolized purity at its best. White lilies are great to represent your commitment to someone you truly love and are devoted to.


Are you aware of the psychological effect that flowers have on the recipient? Well, it has been noted that giving someone a bouquet can bring immediate happiness. Their day ahead is sure to become more cheerful and happy. This happiness is almost invaluable and beautiful. There is a reason why flowers have been an essential part of the gifting traditions for so long, and undeniably, they will continue to be so. So, find out that perfect gift according to the occasion and send gifts online with them to make the occasion memorable.

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