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How do you choose the best Upholstered footstools for your garden?



Upholstered footstools for your garden

Do you want to spend a lot of time in your garden in a pleasant and relaxed way? Are you specifically looking for garden furniture with which you can create the desired comfort? Then we have good news for you: you will find much nice garden furniture in our range. This garden furniture contributes to comfort and therefore also to the enjoyment of life in your garden.

But, with which garden furniture can you really improve the comfort in your garden? In our view, it is interesting to take a look at Upholstered footstools, for example. At first sight, this is not the most appealing piece of furniture, but it can still be called a unique piece of furniture. With an Upholstered footstool, you immediately know how to enjoy several benefits.

A valid question here is how you can find the best Upholstered footstools for your garden. Well, we are going to help you with this article to answer that question. In this article, we will discuss the most important criteria for an Upholstered footstool. If you pay close attention to these criteria, you can find the perfect Upholstered footstools for your garden relatively easily and quickly.

We would like to point out our offer in advance. In our offer, you will find several Upholstered footstools that meet all your wishes. These Upholstered footstools look beautiful, are of the best quality, and are also competitively priced. With us, you do not have to pay the main price, while you can enjoy the latest collections and the best quality Upholstered footstools with us. What more do you wish for? Read this article at your leisure and then browse our webshop to find the best Upholstered footstools for your garden!

Why choose Upholstered footstools?

In this article, we will discuss in detail how you can find the best Upholstered footstools for your garden. Before we get to that point, we first want to look at the benefits of Upholstered footstools. Because, what is the reason why so many households specifically choose Upholstered footstools? Well, in our view there are several reasons for that.

One of the main reasons can be found in the versatility. You can use Upholstered footstools to put your feet on, but you can also relax on Upholstered footstools. You do this, for example, by sitting comfortably on the soft cushion of an Upholstered footstool.


It is precisely this versatility that ensures that you can use your footstool continuously. Moreover, with a footstool you can create an extra seat in your garden; that is also very nice and convenient.

An Upholstered footstool is not immediately the most striking piece of furniture on a terrace, but it is a piece of furniture with which you can just influence the appearance. This is the case, for example, if you opt for a striking footstool.

You can also combine an Upholstered footstool with a lot of garden furniture. You can place the Upholstered footstools with a lounge set, but also with a garden setting, with a lounge chair, or as an independent piece of furniture. Regardless of what you choose, you really enjoy a lot of convenience with an Upholstered footstool.

Finally, in our opinion, an Upholstered footstool offers another advantage: you have plenty of choices. What’s the benefit of this? Well, you can make a good comparison between the different Upholstered footstools. As a result, you are also able to eventually place the perfect Upholstered footstools for your garden. Precisely because the offer is so extensive, you have more than enough options for that!

What should you pay close attention to?

Are you convinced of the advantages mentioned above? Would you therefore also like to purchase an Upholstered footstool for your garden? Wise! An Upholstered footstool is truly unique and therefore brings unique benefits.

Before you can enjoy these benefits, you have to look for the best Upholstered footstools for your garden. Since the range is quite diverse, it can be difficult to find the right Upholstered footstools in the end. Fortunately, you can follow the criteria below. These are actually the most important criteria with which you can make a good comparison.

How do you want to use the Upholstered footstools?

First of all, it is important to think about the use of Upholstered footstools. Do you mainly want to put your feet on these Upholstered footstools? Do you want to enjoy a lot of comforts? Or do you want to enjoy an extra seat in your garden with the Upholstered footstools?

As you can read, the application possibilities of an Upholstered footstool are quite diverse. However, with Upholstered footstools A you can enjoy option Y more, while Upholstered footstools B allows you to enjoy option X more. Sufficient reason to first determine how exactly you want to use the Upholstered footstools.

Where do you want to use the Upholstered footstools?

Have you decided how you want to use the Upholstered footstools? Then it is also important to think about the position of the Upholstered footstools. In other words: where exactly do you want to place the Upholstered footstools in your garden?

Is this in one fixed place? Or do you want to be able to place the Upholstered footstools in several places in your garden? If the latter is the case, it is wise to take a good look at the material. In that case, it is very nice if you can lift the Upholstered footstools effortlessly.

Do you also want to use the Upholstered footstools indoors? This is also possible with several species. If you may prefer this, it is advisable to think carefully about this as well. Finally, take the plunge and make your search for the best Upholstered footstools even easier.

Upholstered footstools dimensions

Have you determined where the Upholstered footstools should be in your garden? Then you can also determine how big the Upholstered footstools should be. You do this by properly measuring the available space in your garden. Once you have mapped out those dimensions, you can also determine the maximum size of the Upholstered footstools.

Of course, you also have to take the application into account. Do you want to use Upholstered footstools while sitting? Then it is nice if the footstool is relatively large. If you only want to use the Upholstered footstools for putting your feet down, a slightly smaller footstool does not matter.

Do not only pay attention to the width and length of the seat of the Upholstered footstools. No, you should also look closely at the height of the Upholstered footstools. This is especially important if you want to relax your feet on the footstool.

Upholstered footstools shape

Do you prefer a round Upholstered footstool? Or do you prefer square Upholstered footstools? Or would you like to place a rectangular Upholstered footstool in your garden? As you can already read, you can choose from several forms.

Which shape is best for you? That depends entirely on your own preferences. We would like to advise you to coordinate the shape of the Upholstered footstools with the other furniture in your garden. It would be nice if you could create a beautiful whole in this way.

Upholstered footstools material

What material should the Upholstered footstools be made of? That too is an important question that you need to answer for yourself. For example, do you prefer Upholstered footstools made of wood? Or do you prefer an aluminum Upholstered footstool?

If you take a look at our range, you will immediately see several types of material come to the fore. In any case, this enables you to make a good choice. If you want to make this choice, we advise you to pay extra attention to the following two aspects:

The appearance: logically, each type of material has a different appearance. It’s up to you to decide what you like.

Maintenance: do you choose a wooden Upholstered footstool? Then you have to carry out occasional maintenance on this. That is not the case if you opt for aluminum Upholstered footstools, for example.

Color of the Upholstered footstools

If you want to put Upholstered footstools in your garden, this bench must of course be beautiful. The look of the bench is determined by the material and the use of color. So take a good look at the different options you have in terms of color.

Do you prefer a dark color? Or do you prefer a lighter color? The choice is entirely yours. As far as we are concerned, it is nice if you can match the color of your footstool to the color of the other furniture in your garden.

Do you prefer an Upholstered footstool with a cushion on them? Then it is also advisable to look closely at the color of the pillow. This cushion not only provides the desired comfort but also determines the final appearance.

Quality of the Upholstered footstools

Are you planning to release a new Upholstered footstool? Then it is undoubtedly your wish that you can enjoy this as long as possible. That is absolutely fine if you choose Upholstered footstools from a reputable brand.

The renowned brands are able to deliver the desired quality. This is one of the reasons why you will only find garden furniture from the best brands in our range; you are therefore assured of a long life with our offer.

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Resin Driveway outside



A Resin Driveway has become very popular in recent years. Resin Driveway often occurs indoors, but you can also opt for a Resin Driveway outside. This has a modern and refined look, which makes it an added value for the environment of your home. This article sheds light on the benefits, price, and some points of interest of a Resin Driveway.

What is an outdoor Resin Driveway?

An outdoor Resin Driveway consists of millions of dried and sieved small stones or other elements (eg sand), mixed with some kind of resin.

First, an adhesion primer is applied, above which the Resin Driveway is spread.

In contrast to an indoor Resin Driveway, a special glue is used here as a binder instead of Epoxy.

Polyurethane (PU) is a UV-resistant, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic agent. The stones are also colored with this non-yellowing coating. When the stones and the binding agent are mixed, everything is spread out. This PU resin will ensure that the outdoor floor is elastic and resistant to extreme temperatures. The whole will be hardened in 4 hours.

Why choose a Resin Driveway?

There are many reasons why a Resin Driveway is an excellent choice of material for your terrace.

Resistant to frost, wear, and moss

First and foremost, a Resin Driveway is very tearing and wear-resistant, and permeable to water thanks to an open structure. This way you will not be bothered by puddles on the terrace in heavy rain. In addition, this material is also protected against freezing temperatures or very high temperatures. You also do not have to worry about the growth of moss or weeds. Provided a minimum of maintenance, this green vegetation will be omitted.

Fast installation

Furthermore, a Resin Driveway can be installed relatively quickly in comparison with other materials. Certainly, if your terrace has many corners or round shapes, this is not an extra time-consuming obstacle. There is no need for customization; everything fits together seamlessly. The result is a nice and even whole without local subsidence.

Multiple applications

A Resin Driveway can also be perfectly laid out outside as a walking path in the garden, like a driveway or parking lot, around your swimming pool, or even on a balcony.

Resin Driveway can be placed on top of different types of substrate. Asphalt, tiles, concrete, clinker, stabilization sand; it’s all no problem. If a surface is already present, it must be stable enough. Usually, a border is also provided around the Resin Driveway. It can, for example, be made of bluestone, aluminum, or concrete.

Cost price Resin Driveway outside

The price of a Resin Driveway terrace depends on the total surface area and the colors are chosen. You will of course also pay more if you have the work performed by professionals. On average, you pay between 30 and 75 euros per square meter. The installation of a Resin Driveway requires the necessary specialism. That is why it is recommended to call in an expert.

What to look out for with an outdoor Resin Driveway?

When installing a Resin Driveway outside, it is best to be aware of a few important things. We list a few points of attention:

The thickness of the Resin Driveway depends on the grain size. These can have a size of 2 to 3 mm, 3 to 4 mm, or 4 to 6 mm. The smaller the grain you choose, the more homogeneous the whole will look. These three dimensions correspond to a floor thickness of approximately 6 to 12 mm.

Because the outdoor floor is exposed to sunlight, you can ideally opt for a lightfast color. Lightfast colors are little or not affected by the sun. For example, think of natural fine marble or granite stones. Nevertheless, you can choose from an infinite range of colors. The non-yellowing PU binder will also ensure that the original color is retained.

For extra protection, a glossy top layer can be applied. This PU topcoat is transparent, so no color difference will be noticeable.

Cleaning and maintenance

Resin Driveway is very easy to maintain. Moreover, with this material you are assured of a long life for your terrace. The floor can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer.

The use of bleach or gavel is also perfectly possible to clean the Resin Driveway terrace, without causing damage

Resin Driveway

Would you like to have a driveway, terrace, walking path in your garden, … built? Then a Resin Driveway is an ideal choice. Because in addition to being used as an indoor floor, a Resin Driveway outside also has many advantages. What are the advantages and possibilities? 

Resin Driveway options

A Resin Driveway outside your size? That is no problem at all because there are many possibilities.

1) Size of the granules

A larger stone grain of 2 to 3 mm is ideal for outdoor use, but grains of 1 to 2 mm, 3 to 4 mm and even 4 to 6 mm are also possible. The smaller the grain, the more homogeneous the end result will be.

2) Material and color of the granules

You can choose from a wide range of natural stones and Resin Driveway colors. Do you want to avoid discoloration due to sunlight? Then it is best to go for a UV-resistant color that is not influenced by the sun, for example, stones in fine marble or granite.

3) Thickness of the Resin Driveway

The larger the grains, the thicker the Resin Driveway. The floor thickness is on average between 6 and 12 mm. The thickness of the Resin Driveway mainly depends on its use. For example, a driveway must of course be thicker than a footpath.

4) UV stability

Some Resin Driveways will discolor more quickly due to UV rays than others. Do you want optimal UV stability? Then have the stones colored with a PU agent (polyurethane). It is also best to choose a non-yellowing PU resin as a binder. This resin also makes the Resin Driveway elastic, so that it is better protected against temperature shocks. For an indoor Resin Driveway, craftsmen usually use a synthetic resin based on epoxy as a binder.

5) Surface Finish

A Resin Driveway can have a closed or an open structure. A closed structure is often used indoors. A craftsman then fills the space between the stones with a glossy or matte filler. This gives you a smooth and easy-to-clean surface, in which the structure of the stones can no longer be felt.

With an open structure, that structure remains tangible. This method is mainly used outdoors. Water and dirt particles can disappear into the pores of the Resin Driveway so that you do not get puddles on your driveway, terrace, … You can also have the Resin Driveway outside finished with a transparent PU coating with an extra wear layer. This way it is even extra protected against sunlight and weather influences.

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