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What You Should Know About Owning a German Shepherd



German Shepherds are known to be one of the smartest animals. They are working dogs because of their intelligence, energy, and obedience. They have always been a great partner in the military and police and they can be your partner at home too. They can be the perfect dog for you and your family. Before you consider having one for your home, you should be prepared for what it takes to own one of these amazing dogs.  


They Need an Active Lifestyle

You cannot keep a German Shepherd in a sedentary life. They are perfect buddies for people who have an active lifestyle and are constantly outdoors. You can train these dogs meticulously and have mental exercises that will keep them happy and mentally stimulated. They are extremely obedient dogs so you can teach them how to fetch, perform many complex tricks, and do some fun chores like opening doors and getting the newspaper. They would require a lot of physical exercises so you should provide a space where they can run and take a walk. Curate a great training plan for your dog and ask around training experts of activities you can do together. 


Taking Care of Your Dog

In taking care of German Shepherds, you should be aware of their needs first to properly provide for them. You should provide them with a diet that can complement their high energy levels, and keep them hydrated as well. Take good care of their teeth by brushing once a week, and give their coat constant brushing especially when they are shedding. Bathe them from time to time, and do not forget to clean out their ears to keep their hearing in the best shape. When your dog hasn’t been getting the exercise he needs, they can bark excessively and chew things to express their frustration. You would need expert advice to appease your dog, especially on busy days when it is difficult to go out and do an exercise. Kate suggests these products to calm your German Shepherd so they can relax and rest for the day until you can bring them outside again. This way, you save your belongings from possible damage and you get to control your dog’s need for stimulation. 

They are Affectionate and Protective

German Shepherds like to cuddle with their owners at home. They would follow you everywhere around the house and observe what you are doing. They would be able to know your routines right away given their high intelligence. In public, German Shepherds tend to be protective and territorial with their owners. They won’t allow other people to harm you so you would feel safe and secure when you bring them outside with you. 

Your German Shepherd is the perfect embodiment of a man’s best friend and they can give you a companionship beyond compare. To prepare for the best time with your dog, you must prepare yourself with the essential things to make them happy and healthy. Owning this breed of dog can be perfect for your household.

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