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The Best Types of Jobs for People With Disabilities



Great jobs for individuals with disabilities aren’t impossible to find! Explore the best places to look and the best types of jobs for people with disabilities.

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Did you know that only 19.1 percent of people with disabilities in the US are employed?

That said, people with disabilities are employable. They have strengths, goals, and capabilities just like nondisabled people do. Let’s explore the types of jobs for people with disabilities that are entirely possible.

Matching the Job to the Person’s Strengths

In truth, almost any job is suitable for a person with a disability. The question then remains: What are the person’s strengths and limitations?

For instance, a person who is blind wouldn’t take a job as a truck driver. A person with ADHD would not entertain a sedentary desk job. However, if given the chance, a person who is blind could succeed at a desk job, while a person with focus issues would make a great truck driver.

Matching a disabled person’s strengths and goals to a potential job is the key to successful employment. Therefore, keeping an open mind and preparing a top-notch application for every suitable job is paramount. Sometimes, all it takes to get an ideal job is a stellar resume and access to templates of free cover letters.

Desk Jobs Are the Best Bet

For many people with disabilities, desk jobs are a great option. Not only is there a wide variety of sedentary office jobs, but they’re diverse in terms of levels of education.

For example, a physically disabled individual can work at a call center. They can also work as a marketing professional or data analyst, both of which require more schooling than a standard customer service job.

Types of Jobs for People With Disabilities In the Government

The fact that the US government employs a record number of people with disabilities should not come as a surprise. After all, the American’s With Disabilities Act and other laws that protect disabled people against discrimination stipulate that people with special needs must be treated equally in the workforce.

Although rules against discrimination are often hard to enforce at places of business, the US government is obligated to hire people who need various workplace accommodations. Therefore, sometimes it’s easier to find a government job instead of getting hired in the private sector. Resources like The Job Accommodation Network can help people with disabilities find federal jobs.

Consider Physical Labor Jobs for People With Disabilities

The idea that people with disabilities can’t perform physical labor is a myth. People with invisible disabilities, such as learning or developmental disorders, can physically contribute in the workforce.

For instance, a person with a developmental disability can be productive sorting inventory at a warehouse or working at a shipment center.

The Possibilities Are Limitless

For people with disabilities, the largest limitations in the workforce are the misguided assumptions of nondisabled employers. The reality is: there are no limits where types of jobs for people with disabilities are concerned.

Ensuring a higher success rate among people with disabilities in the workforce is a matter of matching their skill sets to the types of jobs that are available with or without accommodations. For more information about living with a disability, browse our blog archives today. Also, don’t forget to visit our site regularly for more tips and insight concerning people with disabilities.

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