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The Best Types of Jobs for People With Disabilities



Great jobs for individuals with disabilities aren’t impossible to find! Explore the best places to look and the best types of jobs for people with disabilities.

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Did you know that only 19.1 percent of people with disabilities in the US are employed?

That said, people with disabilities are employable. They have strengths, goals, and capabilities just like nondisabled people do. Let’s explore the types of jobs for people with disabilities that are entirely possible.

Matching the Job to the Person’s Strengths

In truth, almost any job is suitable for a person with a disability. The question then remains: What are the person’s strengths and limitations?

For instance, a person who is blind wouldn’t take a job as a truck driver. A person with ADHD would not entertain a sedentary desk job. However, if given the chance, a person who is blind could succeed at a desk job, while a person with focus issues would make a great truck driver.

Matching a disabled person’s strengths and goals to a potential job is the key to successful employment. Therefore, keeping an open mind and preparing a top-notch application for every suitable job is paramount. Sometimes, all it takes to get an ideal job is a stellar resume and access to templates of free cover letters.

Desk Jobs Are the Best Bet

For many people with disabilities, desk jobs are a great option. Not only is there a wide variety of sedentary office jobs, but they’re diverse in terms of levels of education.

For example, a physically disabled individual can work at a call center. They can also work as a marketing professional or data analyst, both of which require more schooling than a standard customer service job.

Types of Jobs for People With Disabilities In the Government

The fact that the US government employs a record number of people with disabilities should not come as a surprise. After all, the American’s With Disabilities Act and other laws that protect disabled people against discrimination stipulate that people with special needs must be treated equally in the workforce.

Although rules against discrimination are often hard to enforce at places of business, the US government is obligated to hire people who need various workplace accommodations. Therefore, sometimes it’s easier to find a government job instead of getting hired in the private sector. Resources like The Job Accommodation Network can help people with disabilities find federal jobs.

Consider Physical Labor Jobs for People With Disabilities

The idea that people with disabilities can’t perform physical labor is a myth. People with invisible disabilities, such as learning or developmental disorders, can physically contribute in the workforce.

For instance, a person with a developmental disability can be productive sorting inventory at a warehouse or working at a shipment center.

The Possibilities Are Limitless

For people with disabilities, the largest limitations in the workforce are the misguided assumptions of nondisabled employers. The reality is: there are no limits where types of jobs for people with disabilities are concerned.

Ensuring a higher success rate among people with disabilities in the workforce is a matter of matching their skill sets to the types of jobs that are available with or without accommodations. For more information about living with a disability, browse our blog archives today. Also, don’t forget to visit our site regularly for more tips and insight concerning people with disabilities.

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How Does Salesforce Help Customers With Their Digital Transformation Journey?




The fourth Industrial Revolution has brought about an incredible wave of innovation in technology that is radically transforming businesses and customer expectations. Indeed, the majority of consumers today are more concerned with customer experience than they are about the product or service they’re buying which represents a huge shift from the market scenario as it was five years ago.

In the present scenario, every company is going through a digital transformation as they are trying to capitalize on new technologies to address these changing expectations.

Salesforce’s role in digital transformation is of segment leader in CRM Industry as

most of the Salesforce’s customers are global leaders in their industry, and as a result, they are working with trending technologies like the Cloud, and newer technologies, such as IoT and AI.

They’re using augmented intelligence to transform their relationship with customers by delivering a more personalized experience.

Before the companies, especially sales and service teams, have been struggling to generate leads and manage their customer, and after the inception of the CRM tools, Salesforce consulting companies are able to help customers concentrate more on customer satisfaction and many of the related tasks are taken care of my smart solutions offered by Salesforce whether it be sales cloud or service cloud to name a few, now the data and all the important conversations are collated under a single umbrella, and Professional have got the flexibility to make more productive and smart decisions.

The epitome of success could be seen as more than 80% of the total Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce in one way or another and have seen dramatic growth in customer acquisition and retention with higher satisfaction because of the efficiency that has come in play as a part of using sales-force. When Salesforce works with companies that are interested in digital transformation, We come across that they are nearly always interested in increasing their ability to innovate and becoming more agile. We have been widely recognised as one of the most innovative companies in the world, and it has a lot to do with our agile structures, methods, and practices, in addition to empowering our employees with an agile mindset. Our company culture encourages honest feedback from all of our stakeholders, and our ability to rapidly act on that feedback makes our products better and our company stronger. This is an important point that many companies that we work with haven’t realised yet: Being agile isn’t just about more frequent product releases. It also means rethinking the operational backbone to allow you to be more responsive to your stakeholders’ needs.

Below are some of the successful Customer case studies regarding their digital transformation through salesforce :

  1. Sakthi Finance: Sakthi Finance began its digital transformation journey with automating their back end lending processes. They further turned to Salesforce to streamline the rest of the business, from lead creation to sales and all the way through to collections.
    The company is getting close to achieving this goal, by having replaced manual sales processes with Sales Cloud and enabling shared services teams with Service Cloud. The technology simplifies processes like pipeline management and order processing so customer-facing teams can spend less time at their desk and more time meeting customers.

Equipped with the Salesforce Mobile App, reps can work effectively from anywhere and tap into a single view of the customer to tailor service. The smooth integration of information across the organisation has enabled decision making and this empowered environment has improved Sakthi Finance’s journey towards customer engagement and value.

  1. Vashi Electrical s: Unlocking that growth potential while maintaining and building the company’s commitment to full-service customer assistance at scale is a significant challenge. However, they are finding the solution in a digital transformation strategy with Salesforce at the core. Initially, working with a homegrown CRM tool, the team turned to Salesforce for a more integrated solution with a 360-degree customer view. 

They wanted to work with the best in the industry, and while they looked at other vendors, Salesforce provides the 360-degree customer platform they needed, with maximum innovation and all functionality available at the click of a button.

In the end, Salesforce has been a key player in transforming the customer and sales professional experience in the current technologically advancing era, where everything is getting replaced with a more innovative and meaningful solution or tool.

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