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7 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring A Cleaning Service



It is a given that you need to keep your house clean, but this can prove to be a challenging task, especially when you are often caught up with work and other activities that need to be prioritized. Fortunately, you can now leverage on technology to help you around the house such as robots that can vacuum your floor. 

There is also the option for you to hire a cleaning service, but before you do, take note of some of the common mistakes that you should try to avoid in doing so.

1. Going for the Lowest Price

One of the mistakes that you should avoid when hiring a cleaning service is going for the lowest price available. There might be a trade-off between the price you have to pay and the quality of the cleaning service you get. A good quality service often comes with a price, but there are instances wherein you will be able to get a good deal through a loyalty program or a membership discount.

2. Hiring the First Cleaner Available

Another mistake to avoid is hiring the first cleaner available. When you don’t have the time to clean your house, you may also not have a lot of time to spare in searching for cleaners. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to go with the first cleaner available because there might be other cleaning services that can offer a better service.

3. Neglecting a Background Check on the Cleaner

You should always research about the cleaning service company before you hire their cleaners. The cleaning professionals at believe that cleaners must have the expertise in delivering what is expected of them. You will have a good insight on the capabilities of the cleaners once you read the reviews and feedback of their previous clients. You can look for reviews from the official page of the cleaning company, as well as on their official social media accounts.

4. Lack of a Cleaning Contract or Agreement

When you hire the services of a cleaning agent, make sure that you draft a contract that both parties agree upon. This is to ensure that they will be able to deliver what they promise, and on the other hand, the contract will also serve as a guarantee that they get paid accordingly. Make sure that you specify your terms and conditions in the contract or agreement that you draft.

5. Falling for Cleaners Without Tools and Equipment

Always check that the cleaner you hire has the proper tools and equipment needed for cleaning your home. If the cleaners lack tools, then there is a great chance that they will not be able to complete the cleaning task expected of them. It can also be that they would ask you to source out their materials for them, which can prove to be inconvenient since you are already paying for their services.

6. Choosing a Cleaner Without Insurance Coverage

Make sure that the cleaner you hire is covered by the proper liability insurance. This is for your protection, as well as for the protection of the cleaner in case an accident happens while they are rendering their cleaning services to your home. Slips and falls are common risks in the cleaning industry and this should be the least of your worries if the cleaner you hire has the proper insurance coverage.

7. Selecting a Cleaner Firm Without a Proper License to Operate

Finally, ensure that the cleaning company has the proper licenses to operate. It is important that the cleaners you hire come from cleaning companies that are recognised officially by local cleaning bodies. Thus, verify the facts first by checking their documents such as proofs of the previous jobs they have rendered, as well as their professional experience certificates. This will offer you a certain protection from being scammed in terms of cleaning quality and price.


Hiring a cleaning service to ensure that your home is clean and organised is a viable solution if you are often busy with work and other things that need to be prioritized. Nevertheless, when you hire a cleaning service, don’t only go for the one offering the lowest price or falling for a cleaner who isn’t familiar with the process of the business. Don’t make the mistake of not having a clear agreement in terms of the cleaning arrangement either. Rather, enlist the services of reliable and reputable cleaners who are backed up by the testimonies of their previous clients.

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