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Instagram: How to optimise the social media



If you haven’t already, it’s time to create an Instagram account and take the first steps in this social network that grows day by day. The purpose of our article today is to teach you how to make an Instagram page, attract followers and be very successful using this app.

How to Create an Instagram

The traditional way to create an Instagram account is through smartphones or tablets. If you are following this article via desktop, know that it is also possible to register and use it through your browser, accessing the Instagram website.

Download Instagram on Mobile or Tablet

The standard procedure for using the social network is to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Download and register using your phone or email, or even facilitate registration by choosing to log in with your Facebook account.

Instagram on PC

Although it was originally created to be used on mobile devices, as we already mentioned, it is possible to use it on your computer, in the desktop version. Just go to the Instagram website and browse the content of the people you follow and like to follow.

How to Make a Successful Instagram and Gain Followers

In this version, it is possible to use the social network in the same way as on your smartphone, except for one activity: it is not possible to publish. That’s because Instagram values ​​the valuation of the present moment, as the name itself says, for the “instant”, for the now. In this way, the publication is carried out only by mobile devices – which is not a problem for content creators.

Companies that want to facilitate the publication and scheduling of posts can hire software to be used from the computer, but if you manage only your account or few profiles, using your own smartphone you will be able to publish and have the support of the PC to manage what you need or just to browse.

How to Gain Instagram Followers

The first thing you should keep in mind to gain followers on Instagram is that you will need to post relevant content, that is, bring useful and valuable information to the people who follow you.

Thousands of profiles are created daily on the social network and, if you want to stand out, you need to dedicate yourself more than others, do something different, make people want to follow your posts.

Before you learn how to get followers on Instagram, you must prepare your territory. In other words, you need to fill in your profile information, insert your website, choose a good photo and make some initial publications.

Explore Hashtags

Instagram offers the ability to use hashtags in your publications. Hashtags are those keywords that come right after the “#” symbol, which in the music world is known as “sharp”, but is also famous for being the “tic-tac-toe” or even “junk”.

Hashed words favor the dynamism of the social network. That’s because when someone clicks on a hashtag, they can see several publications that make use of it. That’s where one of the secrets to gaining likes on Instagram and possibly new followers comes from.

The second strategy behind hashtags is to look for tags that are related to your profile. When you search, you find terms related to what you are looking for, view the main publications and the most recent publications.

That is why it is so common for fashion profiles to use # trend, #fashion and other hashtags that help categorize their content, for example – and so, each segment uses the tags that best apply to their reality. Another novelty is that it is also possible to follow hashtags, which further increases the chances of you being found through them and gaining likes on Instagram.

From there you can interact with the people who are using these hashtags, you can enjoy their posts, leave a comment and most importantly, follow these people. That’s because when you follow someone, that person receives a notification and it may be that they come to visit your Instagram, like your posts and follow you too!

This is a good tactic to get more followers on Instagram, but you should follow this tip carefully. If you follow many people in a short time, your account may be blocked. So use common sense.

Interact With Your Followers

Want to win over your followers? Give them due attention. When people comment on your posts, interact with them. Follow the posts of the people you follow and enjoy the ones you like.

One way to increase engagement with your audience is to post questions. That way, people feel more interested and comfortable with leaving a comment on your photos and videos.

Another tip is to respond to comments on your publications in the first few hours after they are posted. This will make the social network algorithm understand that its content is relevant and present it to an even larger audience. In addition, people connected to you will notice that your profile is interactive and may also feel more comfortable leaving a comment.

Make Publications at the Right Time

This is a tip that varies from profile to profile. The ideal here is for you to try to map the time range in which your publications generate greater engagement. It depends a lot on your niche. Some profiles are more followed during business hours, while others have their followers more attuned at night. So take the test, write it down and try to post at the best times. You might need the best free Instagram scheduler.

How to Make a Business Account on Instagram

To create your business account and have access to the relevant data mentioned in the previous topic, you need to follow simple steps:

    access your profile settings,
    click ‘account’;
    Choose the ‘switch to business account’ option.

Simple, isn’t it? A good tip is to connect to your Facebook Page – if you have one – as the resources available to companies will be better explored.

When creating your business account, take the opportunity to add important details such as your profile category and contact information. This type of configuration is a good way to introduce yourself to your target audience and to be more available and prepared to receive contact from your connections.

To finish, click ‘finish’ and enjoy Instagram’s business resources and information. We hope this article is useful. Good luck!

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