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Recovering deleted music files with Recover-it



We all use a computer, whether for work or our private life. In this area for example (account management, emails, photo albums, videos, etc.) we archive everything on the hard drive of our computer, or any other medium (USB device, SD card …) in tidy folders. And of course, we have backups.

Finally, let’s say that we should store our data impeccably and always have up-to-date copies. But here we are! We are not perfectionists of archiving or immune to any technical incident or manipulation error. Power failure, wild disconnection of a USB key, system crash, untimely deletion, untimely formatting: opportunities to lose super-mega-important files are not lacking. We can’t avoid all risks. What we can do is prepare anticipation for all the problems we might face. In the case of data loss, we will explain about a multipurpose program that is able to recover lost data including MP3 files. The good news is that the software is FREE and we want a free mp3 recovery software!

After the first moment of horrific stupor, how to fix??

We have just tested the latest version of the Wonder-share Recover-it data recovery software, world leader in application development. Let’s review the main features of this software before a small demonstration in pictures of the possibilities offered by Recover-it.

The features of the software

Recover-it exists in two versions: Windows and Mac; It is therefore operational on 97% of the computer operating systems used worldwide this year. The download and installation are simple, fast and we do not end up with other “premium” apps like anti-virus, browser bar or other. First good point!

Here is the homepage:

The presentation is clear, intuitive and user-friendly: no need for computer skills since it is sufficient to click on the icons corresponding to our case.

The developers have understood the expectations of the average user and do not clutter us with technical terms or detailed explanations that, anyway, few uninitiated understand.

Whatever the cause of the loss of data, they know that we want only one thing: to recover them and at this stage it does not matter to us how it happens, only the result counts and this, as quickly as possible.

The number of formats that Recover-it is able to recover and / or repair is just impressive: more than 550! Suffice to say that all chances are on your side to see reappear all types of audio files, videos, documents, images, emails, zips and many more!

Lost a lot of MP3 files? Need to recovery songs? Don’t worry because Recover-it can help you!

If you lose your MP3 files, then Recover-it provides everything for you. This software can recover your MP3 files and save them back in their original format or other formats. Don’t forget that the software supports no less than 550 formats!

Basically connect your MP3 files storage device to your computer. Install the program and launch it. Let the program scan your device and wait until it finds deleted files.

Select the files you want and restore them. But never save them back to the folder they came from, because you will fail.

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