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10 tips for creating content for Instagram



Content is not lacking on social networks. There is so much information going through the feed that it seems impossible not to have an idea of ​​what to post on Instagram or any other platform. But then it is time to publish and suddenly, all these ideas seem to get out of your head. In order not to “go blank” when posting, we brought you 10 tips and ideas for creating content for Instagram. Just follow these tips, create your posts and schedule everything! By doing the following tips, you can optimise your account and maybe grow your followers. It is recommended to combine these tips with special tools like Combin Growth. For your info, you can grow Instagram followers with Combin Growth.

1. List Videos

A very common format on Facebook and YouTube, but which can also be used on Instagram, lists are usually product recommendations, apps or tips, but they can cover any other topic relevant to your audience. In addition to creating these lists as an Instagram feed post, this type of content also goes well in Stories, with each story representing a list item.

2. Don’t forget about Stories!

Highly popular, it is impossible to leave Instagram Stories aside. The Snapchat clone surpassed the original and already has an active audience of around 250 million users. So test and learn how to create Stories on Instagram, which allows the inclusion of posts with text, photos or videos, in which GIFs, stickers and different types of emoji can also be inserted.

You can also use Instagram Stories to create a more interactive and authentic type of content, without all the refinement used in ordinary posts. Posts showing your routine, funny situations or to express short opinions – each video story can be only 15 seconds -, among others. Another good idea is to share third-party posts on Stories, as long as they have something to do with your brand or profile.
3. Create polls in Stories

One of the best new features recently launched in Stories is polls. They allow you to ask your followers a question, giving you only two options. In addition to being interactive and a good opportunity for fun, you can also use surveys to resolve doubts about your business. For example, you can show a product and ask what the functionality is, you can include a product that is about to be launched to raise expectations or hype – for the coolest ones – for example. You can also ask your followers directly what is the best time to do a live, offering two options of day and time. Learn how to take a poll on Instagram Stories through the article.

4. Top 10 (or any other number)

Going back to the content in lists, you can also create a Top 10. Working in a similar way to lists, this type of content differs by giving a ranking to each item, usually starting from the worst to the best. For this, you can use the option to put an album in the feed with the photo of each item or create videos in Stories commenting on each one.

5. Make lives on Instagram

Live streams are still the most privileged type of content on Instagram. In addition to being available in the first position on the Stories bar, your followers receive a notification each time they enter. That is, it is difficult to start a live without an audience, at least for a long time. So don’t be ashamed of going live on Instagram, something that can be done when you need more time to talk about something.

6. Invite influence rs or their followers to a live

An exclusive feature of Instagram lives is the possibility to invite a guest to participate in the live broadcast. You can use the format to do a live interview with a personality in your business area, do a joint action with a digital influenced or even use the functionality to interact directly with your own followers.

7. Know the main hashtags of your business

Instagram is powered by hashtags, so it’s ideal that you research what are the main hashtags related to your business. Through them, you will be able to know which terms to put in your Instagram posts, which topics to address and which types of posts receive the most likes and comments. To find out how to do this research, look for digital influence rs and see what are the most frequent hashtags in your publications. 

8. See what your competitors are doing with hashtags

Complementing the previous item, you can use hashtags search to find competitor profiles and search what types of content he is publishing. It is worth remembering that it is not ethical to copy the competition’s content, but you can search for details such as the structure of the post and hashtags that he uses, and use this knowledge to come up with new content ideas.
9. Show your product and use Instagram Shopping

If social media is a way of marketing and selling your products, it is only fair to use Instagram to demonstrate your product working directly to your followers. If you already have a store on Facebook, you can even use Instagram Shopping to mark your product, show the price to your followers and offer a link to make the purchase in your virtual store. If this is not your case, you can also use the videos in the feed, a sequence of short videos in Stories or even a live on Instagram. In the latter case, we recommend using live streams to make first samples and publicise important releases.
10. News and tutorials

As we mentioned in the previous item, you can use Instagram posts to demonstrate your products. In addition, you can use the social network to generate hype about your launch. For products that you have already launched and are selling, you can use Instagram not only to show it, but to teach your customers and followers how to use it, fix it or show different situations in which your product can be used.

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