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7 Social Media Trends That Will Bomb by 2020



Social media are effective online marketing tools. As such, they are present in most of the companies marketing strategies.

Does your company know how to use social media correctly?

According to Hub-spot, 92% of marketers think social media is important to their business, so the plan is to increase investment in this area by 80%. In addition, the latest Social Media Examiner report indicated that 97% of companies have an active presence on social media. But really, what is the benefit of companies being on social media?

Social media is a powerful communication channel. A space where users are cited as well as brands, looking for information, news and all kinds of relevant content. For this reason, proper content strategy can help make your brand relevant online.

As a means of gathering and sharing information, social media reflects the overall sentiment of consumers to a brand or products. This can be a big plus if you have an active online presence they show a concern for customers and strive to become a leader in their industry. Social media has ways that impact the customer and offer reasons for them to choose our products. Each post, each video, each interaction is an opportunity to reach out to our target audience and try to win their preference.

Heavy users of social networks increasingly want to engage, interact and participate in the daily lives of brands. Therefore, it gets more prominent who knows how to offer the best experiences to your target audience.

To be able to use Social Media tools to your advantage, it is important to stay tuned for the news to come. That’s why we’ll show you the 5 trends that will make 2020 your best in digital media.

The Age of Stories

This feature has been joined in major networks! In addition to updates on Instagram Stories like filters and interactive stickers he is also on Facebook, Whats-app and even on YouTube, under the name of Reels. Among the benefits of using this trend is the ability to publish storytelling strategy, which is a great way for your brand to engage, promote follower interaction, and expose more humanized content. The prediction is that the Stories will not stop growing, so count on him for his strategies and Capricorn in the posts.

Chat-bot: The future is now

Artificial Intelligence is present in many Digital Marketing strategies and with SAC 2.0 is no different. Technology allows Chat-bots to completely change the relationship between customers and brands. In addition to improving the user experience, it is also a great lead generator, as we can collect data through messages exchanged with the public. Like the idea? There are several tools that assist in creating Chat-bots, automating the service provided, optimizing time and improving the day to day of companies that maintain active relationship in digital media.

Digital Influencers

Influence Marketing is successful and will continue with everything in 2020. Partnerships between companies and Digital Influencers work great! Proof of this is the use of this strategy not only by specific niches but also by major brands like Adidas and Dior. If you like the idea, want to use this year but don’t know where to start, don’t worry! There are already dedicated platforms just finding the right influencer for your brand. 

Videos, yes!

Did you know that videos can generate up to 21% more engagement than photos? No wonder that, according to Cisco, by end of this 2019 video content can account for 80% of Internet traffic! Want to get ahead? Invest in quality videos. Short videos with content that is interesting to your target audience are sure to pay off. We know that producing video takes more time and more work than publishing a still photo, but the good news is that there are apps to make our lives easier at this time, such as i Movie, which lets you create content to share on social networks and even on your own site.

Bet on Social Commerce

Social Commerce is nothing more than the integration of e-commerce with social media. And this is not only good for selling but for improving the shopping experience and making it more interactive. Today you can make purchases through Instagram and register all products of your e-commerce in your Facebook store. Another advantage of Social Commerce is the ability for shoppers to like, share and comment on products, which is a great form of free evaluation and advertising that helps strengthen your credibility and get customers to “work” for your brand.

U CG is here to stay

User generated content, known as user generated content (U CG), is stealing the scene from traditional marketing and even influence’s. This is because, having the evaluation of consumers themselves, telling their real experiences generate much more credibility. It is the famous word of mouth marketing that has always brought results and promises to be widely practiced on social media in 2020. To use this type of content in your media, invest in campaigns that encourage the use of hashtag or make content where you have room for your followers to enter their experiences and opinions.

Social Listening: Attentive Ears

To create content that engages and appeals to your target audience, it is extremely important to hear what people have to say about your brand and understand what they expect from your product or service. With social media this process became easier and this technique was named Social Listening.

In addition to gaining insights, monitoring what people say on the internet will help you improve your customers’ experience, understand market needs, study competitors, and run assertive campaigns according to the behavior of people on the network. This also creates alert for times of crisis as it monitors the feeling around your brand.

Do you already practice some of these trends in your Social Media strategies? Remember that to achieve good results the ideal is to stay tuned in the insights that arise throughout the year and enjoy the right times for each content.

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