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Active hormones to add muscle



Everyone asks many questions about what should be done to get the muscles that are
hypertrophy and get a more athletic and balanced body, and there are a number of hormones that
depend on their level to provide a series of signals for the body to get muscle or rot to use it as
energy. Today, we will talk about hormones that you must activate to get muscle.
The way to activate these hormones to get muscle is very simple: do a weight routine that
stimulates our body well, eat balanced food with a good amount of protein and rest. By
dominating these three factors, we have won 80% of the battle, we give the remaining 20% ​​to
genetics (in some cases maybe more). But for those who are busy, doing hormone therapy
through online health services such as Kings-berg Medical will be very helpful.
Hormones that help us
There are two hormones that we must try to activate to the limit, when our goal is to get the
maximum amount of muscle possible, through different paths.
Growth hormone: a hormone that is ideal for adding muscle and burning fat at the same time.
The way to activate it to the maximum is by intensive exercise throughout the body, but
especially with a tight rest in bed, sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day.
The best training for activating growth hormone is undoubtedly high-intensity training (HIT),
and does not do cardio exercise or many run high-intensity running series for short periods of
time to stimulate muscles (known as running fast).
Testosterone: there is no doubt the queen in getting muscle. The first thing to remember is not to
have a daily calorie deficit, which is eating enough, because if not, your testosterone levels will
be greatly reduced and you will not do your natural anabolism function.
One very important thing is to forget alcohol completely because swallowing alcohol will cause
testosterone levels to drop dramatically, so control the intake as much as possible, if you want to
do the right things you shouldn’t drink a single drink.
In addition, the diet must follow a diet that is very varied and contains at least 20% of the fat that
is not saturated because fat increases testosterone levels. So, forget a diet that is low in
carbohydrates and fat in terms of getting muscle.
Wild type hormone
Insulin: a hormone that depends on its level can help us stimulate the addition of muscle because
it functions as the transport of amino acids to the muscles, but also must be very controlled
because in turn it causes the storage of glycogen in the form of fat.
The goal of maintaining a stable insulin level is eating every three hours, not overeating, and

controlling simple carbohydrate intake, because this causes peak blood glucose which is
balanced by high insulin segregation by the pancreas.
Hormones to control
Instead we have to have as much control as possible about two other hormones that can make our
results not as effective as we want, maybe even make us lose the muscle we have gained by
training hard, dieting and resting. :
Estrogen: This hormone reduces testosterone levels (which is why women cannot develop too
much muscle). To prevent this, you should reduce your body fat index because this will reduce
estrogen levels and you will get it, because it increases testosterone.
Cortisol: Although necessary, it should be tried that levels are low because cortisol destroys
muscles. A good way to do this is to take Omega 3 oil (fish oil), in addition to increasing muscle
sensitivity to insulin to better absorb amino acids.

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