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An Imperative Guide to Becoming a Successful Animation Designer



With the emergence and influence of newer technological trends, the animation designing industry has undergone a sea change. The job of an animation designer is to create visual effects in movies, video games, websites, as well as TV shows. Animation can be a significant career opportunity for the ones interested in digital painting or basic drawing!

As a 21st century aspiring animation designer, you will be required to know some simple tips to hit a purple patch in the industry of animation. While watching animated explainer videos can be of paramount importance, we are here to enlighten you about the best way of becoming a successful animator! To know further, read on!

  • Learn How to Draw

First things first, we all know that animation is solely based on traditional painting skills. Therefore, for the aspiring animators, you will require developing observational drawing and painting skills, specifically how to use lines and control them respectively. Plus, you will definitely have to get an idea about figure drawing which happens to be an essential practice in drawing accurate shapes and proportions. Additionally, solid drawing skills can even help you secure acceptance into the animation degree as the programs are competitive. Plus, you require submitting drawing portfolios too.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree

Since you are reading this guide, we presume that you have got an interest in this field! The next that that you need to do is to earn a bachelor’s degree in the field of animation. Earning a BA degree can not only prepare you for a successful career in illustration, media arts, web designing and more, but by doing so, you can even take fundamental courses in graphics, drawing, character motion, as well as storyboarding! Advanced animation training includes the best sue of animation software programs!

  • Putting the Demo Reel Together

Creating a portfolio isn’t something difficult. While in school, you’ve already done that, right? The third thing that you need to keep in mind to become a successful animator is putting together the demo reel! A couple of educational programs also feature senior projects for the students. This helps them demonstrate artistry, proficiency, and creativity, in multiple software programs. A demo reel or portfolio can incorporate independent work which is done outside your school. When it comes to employment opportunities, the recent graduates must submit demo reel or portfolios for the open positions.

  • Considering Industry Certification

The last thing that you need to perform is earning a particular certification. Doing so will be a great way to stand out, given the fact that just a bachelor’s degree is not enough for senior positions. Software publishers offer some certifications in the career field of animation! As a matter of fact, professionals can even validate the proficiency in using the newer animation technology trends by becoming an expert.

At the end of everything you perform to hit a purple patch in animation, what be pivotal is your experience in the field – because experience speaks a thousand words!

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