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Do you want to sell pictures online on social media without being censored? Try!



Being an online model today can be a really productive activity, especially if you know how to market your personal brand and how to use the image you created on social media. The most important part is creating a fanbase and engaging your fans in different and interesting ways through social media, apps, and other online channels. If you want to grow your fanbase and your income efficiently, is the place to be! Models are starting a new online trend, as crush offers the possibility to sell pictures online, videos, and all the private content you create! Here’s all you need to know!

Every model and content creator has two profile pages: a free one and a private one. You can offer free content on the free page and you can sell pictures online via the paid profile page. Let’s talk strategy!

Private page strategy
If you want to be successful when selling pictures and videos online, the most important detail is to always create fresh content. gives you the freedom to choose a subscription price for your private content page between $5 and $50. You can earn a few hundred or tens of thousands of dollars when you sell pictures online on, but it all depends on a few details.

If you’re an online model, you are probably thinking that you already offer content to viewers all around the world, so why would they pay an extra subscription for it? This is one of the most important questions that influencers and models have, so here is the answer!

Crush private profile pages help models sell pictures online only when they are totally serious about this activity and the followers pay for this content for the same reason that they offer tips on cam sites or pay for private sessions. They do it because they like you! Your admirers don’t just like you on a superficial level, they love the whole package. A strong connection is made with the help of your personality and intelligence. That’s why all the top models recommend that you establish a strong connection with your fans! When your fans feel that bond, they will happily pay a subscription to see your latest pictures, videos, and private content.

The best part is that your followers will enjoy any type of content you post on your rush private page as long as it’s fresh, so you can sell pictures online to fans all around the world. It’s all about the connection, so helps you strengthen the bond with your fans by giving you lots of possibilities to engage your admirers: paid DM’s, video calls, Pay-Per-View messages, and lots of other means of communication.

Free page strategy
Did you ever wonder what a movie trailer’s point is? Of course, movie trailers are designed to get as much attention to the movie as possible. That’s also the role of your free profile page on You won’t sell pictures online via this page, you’ll just offer a taste of your life behind the privacy wall. Of course, you should include your hobbies, interests, and details of your life that can attract more followers and generate more subscriptions to your private content page.

Unlike other social media apps, the rush is not a big fan of censorship so you won’t have to worry about losing your account or your fans when you sell pictures on your private content page. Some of the greatest online models of today have opened up an account on the rush. Check out Devious Angel‘s page and become a content creator yourself!  

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