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Expert Tips on How to Renovate Your Old Shed



Is your shed looking too old and worn-out? It is high time that you consider renovating it so you can have it more functional once again. Nowadays, sheds are not just mainly for storing your gardening tools. Many people have repurposed their sheds and made it a place for entertainment, work and what have you. If your existing shed is nothing but pure mess and looks like a ransacked room, then do not lose hope. There are plenty of ways to renovate it and make it look brand new again. Do not worry about spending some amount of money for your shed renovation. Rest assured that everything will be paid off later as survey reveals that a decent sized shed is already enough to boost your home value. This is according to a survey conducted among property professionals. With more than thirty percent of Brits who claim to be spending more time in the garden than almost eight years ago, having a functional and nice shed has also become more in demand now than ever. 

Below are some expert tips that will help make your shed an effective space not just for today but for the future as well. 

Survey the overall structure

The very first step in renovating an old shed is to survey the entire structure first. This is important especially if your shed has remained unused and unloved for quite some time. The professionals from suggest that if you plan to renovate your shed, you have to conduct a survey first. You need to survey the entire shed so you can see what part needs repair and which areas need total replacement. The presence of leaky roofs and uneven floor boards could warrant repair or replacement depending on the severity of the issue. If you begin with a solid structure then chances are high that the rest of your shed’s build will become smooth and will less likely to cause headaches once you start using it.  These repairs could be your DIY project, that is, if you have carpentry skills. If not, you may choose to hire someone else to do the repairs for you. 

Check the sliding door

If your shed is made of metal then chances are it already needs some fixing. Metal sheds usually have sliding doors as opposed to pull-out doors that are common among wooden sheds. But, if your shed is old, you may find that your sliding door has been damaged, broken or has already fallen out of place. Sliding doors often have small plastic parts that help keep it in place but if these too are broken then you may have to replace the door instead. If the door is still intact and just needs the small parts to be replaced then do it. You should also check the tracks where the sliding door sits to make sure it is not damaged and make the sliding door function smoothly. 

Fix the floor

Your shed’s flooring can greatly make a difference not just in terms of looks but it also largely dictates how comfortable and functional it can be. A shed that has damaged flooring can pose tripping hazards and any other dangers. However, a shed should be devoid of dingy mess, dirt and damages to make it look more inviting and functional. If its damage is not too much then small repairs can be done. But, if it needs total replacement then better do it right away. If your shed floor is made of concrete slab then you would definitely be stepping on a cold floor.If it is made of concrete you may not be able to stay longer in your shed because your feet easily feel tired on the hard floor. If it’s too slippery, then the shed will not be usable during the wet season or you run the risk of having an accident. 

You can use epoxy coating to spruce up and seal your concrete shed floor. Just do not forget to also buy the non-slip additive for your epoxy coating to prevent the floor from becoming slippery when wet. Another great option would be to use cement sheets that work well with many types of shed floors. The best thing about cement sheets is that they are durable and moisture-proof. It also provides a high level of stability. If your shed needs a subfloor, then choose plywood flooring sheets. In fact, you can have lots of options when it comes to giving your shed floor a new look and a new life. Choose the one that suits your budget, type of shed and the level of comfort that you want to achieve.  

Re-shingle your shed

Reshingling your old shed is a must especially if water has been found dripping through its roof. Otherwise, whatever you put inside your shed is all at risk of getting wet and rusty when the rainy season comes. Shingling may entail stripping first your old roofing materials, followed by the application of roofing paper and then the layering of shingles. But if you are not confident about your skills, an expert on this can be hired. If shingling is done properly and if you use thick shingles, then your shed could last for decades without the need for you to worry about leaks and drips. These thick shingles are able to withstand high winds and heavy rains although they can be pretty much expensive. 

Install a thermal insulation

A thermal insulation would make your shed highly functional because it will allow you to use your shed all year round. Choose a specially designed insulation that will help ensure that your shed will remain cool when the heat of summer comes while also keeping it warm when winter comes. Another benefit of having  thermal insulation is the amount of money that you will be able to save on heating during winter. 

Create on-the-wall storage spaces

If your shed is big enough to be able to house everything you need to, then storage spaces won’t be much of an issue. However, if you will be renovating a small shed then you need to create on-the-wall storage spaces. One way to do this is to kit it out using shelves and hooks. This way, you can just hang your power cables on the hooks. You can also organize your paint brushes and any other gardening tools on these shelves and hooks that would otherwise only take up much space on the floor. You may also need to install sturdy hooks that are capable of storing a heavier tool or equipment. If you have little children, make sure that these hooks are placed high enough so they couldn’t easily reach these tools for the sake of safety.

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