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Features Of The High-Quality VPNs



The latest Netflix series is banned in your area – what do you do now?

The internet is a strange place. There is everything you want, everything you never knew you wanted and everything you never knew even existed! But accessing all of that might be a little tricky when it concerns your privacy or if it’s not accessible area. So what can you do?

Well, you can get the best vpn in the market and it should all be a breeze!

But do you know what features should you be looking for in a high-quality VPN?

Feature 1: Encryption

For starters, you would want a VPN to keep you safe and anonymous. Whether it’s for a corporate company or the general public, the major reason why anyone opts to use a VPN is privacy and security. And for that, you’ll need strong encryption. It will block your Internet Service Provider from monitoring your activities and also protect you from nasty hackers. If you’re looking for strong encryption, go for AES-128 or AES-256. All the top companies use this encryption and it is almost impossible to breach.

Feature 2: Protocol

If you are looking for a reliable VPN, always make sure it has a secure VPN protocol. Some of the best protocols are OpenVPN, Ike/IPSec, SSTP, SoftEther. Well, PPTP works too; it’s just a little less secure. It will be useful for unblocking geo-restricted content where security isn’t a huge concern. But keep in mind that stronger encryption might slow your connection down sometimes. Keep in mind that the best vpn will offer protocol variety and the ability to choose different protocols.

Feature 3: DNS Leaks

Clueless as to what a DNS leak is?

When your browser’s Domain Name System or DNS requests are sent to your Internet Service provider without going through the VPN, it’s considered a DNS leak.

The DNS is used to translate an IP address into website names and vice-versa. A leak will enable your ISP and hackers to see your internet activity. Choose a VPN that has a DNS leak protection if you want to prevent such scenarios.

Feature 4: Shared IP Address

Shared IP address means that the particular IP address is shared among many VPN users which make it impossible to track down any specific user. A dedicated IP address can be traced back to you. That’s why choose a VPN that gives you a shared IP address.

Feature 5: Multiple Connections

Any good VPN service will allow you to use the service on multiple devices simultaneously. The VPNs that link accounts to a particular device only will charge you extra to use the service on multiple devices. So choose a VPN provider that allows multiple connections simultaneous. It’s handy, and a good investment.

Feature 6: Kill Switch

The kill switch option will disconnect internet access if the connection to the VPN server drops. That way, your real IP address and online traffic will stay hidden.

These features should help you find the best vpn!

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