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How To Have A Fantastic Soap Box With Minimal Spending



Soap is a product which we use on a daily basis. It is one of the most used and most selling products around the world. Custom printed soap boxes are always the best option for any brand to start a business or to sell in retail shops. We know that the competition is high in soap brands so if you can get the right design of custom soap boxes along with your brand logo and description so you have a very good chance of getting high volume sales in the market. 


You might think that getting custom boxes will cost you a lot when it comes to small quantities, but this is not the case. At you can get boxes according to your requirement and at a very affordable price too. You can get fantastic and beautiful-looking custom soap boxes for your products here at pak branding. Get wholesale soap boxes for your soap products anytime anywhere along with free shipping.


Get Soap Box Designs That Look More Attractive

Most of the brands are consistently getting custom soapboxes for their products in order to get the attractive look of their products in the market. As time changes, every company should learn and apply something new and attractive to grab more clients. This is where printed soap boxes play a very important role to make the name of your brand. 


You should have a good soapbox design before you even start thinking of getting soap boxes for your products. Because a good attractive design will grab a client’s attention and it will force them to buy your product at least once and try it out. 


If you can have your company logo and some details so it would help your clients remember your brand name and identity when next time they want to buy soap products. Pak Branding does provide design support whenever you need it. You can also get your logo done at pak branding as they have expert designers in the house.


What Is The Best Material For Soap Boxes

In the beginning, a person started to learn to wash hands by using quality soap bars. We know that cleanliness is the daily routine that we follow every day. Because of that soap has become a very important product for every human being. It is made of various sorts of oil, fat, fragrance, etc. 


Every soap bar has its own look and quality according to the ingredients which have been used. That is why you need custom soap boxes for almost every different soap bar that you may have. Because each soap bar has different types of ingredients, it is important to have different soapboxes for every individual. We need a secure and healthy environment so that is why most businesses like to use custom kraft soapboxes. 


Kraft material is eco-friendly plus it looks very natural when it comes to packing a soap bar. You can still print as many colors as you wish too. Pak Branding offers some of the best Kraft soapboxes with eye-catching designs on them. 


Some brands also like to go for Cardboard material and they like to add on things such as gold foil, silver foil, or UV on certain parts of the box in order to look more attractive and unique than other products. Pak Branding offers all of those foiling options, UV plus high-quality offset and digital printing, and makes sure that you get high-quality soapboxes.


Why Material Selection Is Important For Soap Boxes

Material quality always plays an important part in the custom packaging world. As we know that soap bars are fragile products so therefore they need premium quality stock so that they do not get contaminated with any germs or some kind of dirt. At Pak branding, you can choose many types of materials such as Kraft, Cardboard, Corrugated, and rigid chipboard material. 


Using cardboard for custom soapboxes is one of the best choices in order to keep your soap bars safe and secure in the box. Cardboard material is made up of liners and flutes. The best thing about cardboard material is that you can always increase thickness as per your wish and as per your product. That is the reason the cardboard option is best in order to make your packaging durable and strong enough to hold soap bars. Also, you can have it in any dimensions or style as you wish. 


Final Thoughts

The good thing about Kraft materials is that they are recyclable and biodegradable. Kraft material is environment friendly and it is also a good option to go for. Most businesses choose kraft material as they care about the safety of our nature and world. This material is also very sturdy and strong enough for soap bars and they also stay in their place and don’t move around. 

The rigid material is very high class in terms of the look and safety of the box. 


It is mostly used for high-class products as it is slightly expensive as compared to standard cardboard and kraft material. These are made of chipboard and carefully made by the hands of experts in Pak branding production of the house. The appearance of this box is so classy that you will feel like you want to bring that home with you! 


The rigid box is the thickest as compared to any other materials and that is the reason they look so classy and elegant and it can not be molded to any shape or etc. So if you have a high-class product and are looking to get high-quality and elegant-looking boxes for gifts or even for retail purposes, a Rigid box is the best option to go for.

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Top Cool Jeans Colours You Should Wear This Winter



Cool jeans colors

Jeans have always been an article of perfect clothing and a favourite attire not just for men but also for women. With the development in the fashion industry, many different types of jeans were introduced into the market, such as men’s slim fit jeans, skinny jeans, regular and other various types. All these jeans were provided with a warm welcome by the people. Jeans were accepted by most of the people into their wardrobe collection in a way that there can be only countable people who do not possess a pair of jeans. But there is a certain colour of jeans that has to be in your wardrobe as they can be the coolest collections.


What is the most wanted colour of jeans that has to be in your wardrobe?


Though there are many kinds of jeans that are available in the market, such as men’s skinny jeansthere are still a few colours that go well with any kind of shirt that you wear. The only thing that has to be chosen properly is the combination shade so that it enhances your look. So, a few colours that can be really helpful in your jean dressing are:


  • The light-washed ones: Though there are so many coloured jeans that are being manufactured and are available in the market now. The one option that can be the safest is light-washed jeans. These jeans have become the favourite of many people, especially those who feel that it is not easy for them to pick an appropriate colour. For those confused people, this can be the best option. Why it can be a safe pick of jeans colors? This is because this colour of jeans matches with mostly many colours, which includes the lightly shaded shirts and also the dark shaded ones.


  • The darker shaded jean: The next top-picked colour of any men’s skinny jeans or any other type of jeans is the dark coloured one. These dark coloured jeans basically stand out from the crowd. This colour of jeans can be pleasant and also attractive. Since it is a pair of jeans that has a dark colour in them, it would be the perfect match for the tops and shirts that are light in colour. For example, dark coloured jeans with a white shirt can be a fantastic combination. You can look both casual and also incredibly handsome. You can also add a good sneaker with the entire outfit to match your personality and the look of cool and sleek.


  • The allrounder black jean: There is one common colour that many people will have is black jeans. Be it any type of jeans, whether regular or men’s skinny jeans, people always love the colour and the look that it gives them. There is no exaggeration that is happening here. But it is a fact that the black jean can provide you with a much handsome and better look. It goes the best with both light colours and also the darker ones. So, it has become a comfortable colour of jeans and the choice for people to pick. So, this can also be a good recommendation for you to consider in decorating your wardrobe with these black jeans.


  • The light and pleasant white: White denim for guys may appear formidable to you. However, while carried out proper and matched with the proper elements, they could display sartorial skills. You may want to undergo a variety of conflicts to get matters proper with this pair of denim for guys. If now no longer carried out proper, you’ll be searching like a painter. Your praise might be really well worth the attempt and purchase. As already discussed, if you are able to match the white jean with the perfect top and shirt, then they can help in enhancing your personality to another level.


  • Colour of tan: Tan denim is surely underrated. They may be your excellent partner fashion ambitions and pass incorrect together along with your matching instincts. Yes, they can go perfectly well with many light-coloured shirts. Moreover, tan jeans are different and can never be a boring partner in dressing for you. You can find them being accessible in summers, specifically while black appears to lose its coolness. Choose darker colours on the pinnacle to play the same, and perhaps a blazer on the pinnacle may be the game-changer. Thus, choosing this colour of jeans will help you in standing out from the crowd by being different yet cool and sleek.


The bottom line


This is not the end of the list here because there are so many jeans that are being manufactured in different colours and styles. You can choose any colour that matches your taste, style and personality. But having these colours can be of great help because they go well and enhance your look with most of the shirts and tops that you have in your wardrobe. 

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Pedicure Chairs



To run an effective salon or spa, you need to make the ideal climate—a space for your customers that is agreeable and positive, a loosening up climate, and a spot that is fulfilling to the resources.

One of the main characters of a salon/spa is a pedicure chair.


A pedicure chair is a seat that could be utilized for pedicuring. The customer sits in the seat and the performer utilizes the jets to rub and massage their feet and furthermore puts trimming equipment to cut their nails.

A pedicure chair is a seat, often made of plastic or metal, with a basin for the client’s feet to be put into. The person performing the pedicure then goes about their work, usually consisting of filing down calluses, trimming nails, and exfoliating the skin.

Pedicure seats are found in nail salons across the world. They are utilized in foot spas in homes and lodgings across the world to offer spa-quality assistance without requiring a costly gear arrangement.

A pedicure seat is utilized for giving clients a spa pedicure by splashing their feet, managing their nails, and applying lotions, creams, and different treatments. They are well known because they offer a pleasing experience to clients to enjoy while having their feet taken care of.

 Pedicures are typically costly than manicures since they require more effort to do accurately at a nail salon or spa.

While they vary widely in appearance, most pedicure chairs have three fundamental parts:
A seat for the customer’s utilization
A foot-sized bowl/sink/compartment to work with foot washing
Some style of footrest


Types of Pedicure Chairs:

Pedicure chairs are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are made to look like cars with an open-air design while others have a more traditional look.

The most popular ones are the ones that offer two bucket seats with a narrow space between them. These pedicure seats can be adjusted to suit the height of the person sitting inside the chair. The design of these seats is meant for people who prefer pedicures to be done on their feet rather than sitting on a chair with their legs up in front of them.

The two main pedicure chairs used all over the world are commonly known as:
Piped-in chairs
Pipe-less chairs 

A piped-in seat is completely plumbed, with water streaming into the bowl from your building’s pipes framework. Most of the time, people believe that these are the best approach, however actually piped-in seats aren’t as sterile on the grounds that there are only a couple of spas and nail salons set aside that actually put the effort to appropriately clean the inner parts of the pipes running into and out of the seat and consequently, as the bowl is not as sanitized, it can cause various infections.

To get rid of these problematic situations, pipe-less chairs were invented.

Pipe-less pedicure chairs are pedicure seats that are intended to make whirlpool jets in the water without utilizing any inner pipelines, instead, they rely on submerged fans which cause the rapid flow of water thus helping in massaging the client’s feet.

Since these chairs do not utilize any pipelines, the water manually poured in the bowl is disposed of hence providing a much hygienic and safer environment.

Pipe-less chairs are although expensive than the traditional pedicure chairs used, however, they provide a much greater level of satisfaction and facilitation to the customers. 


Pedicure chairs provide a luxurious and comfortable environment for the foot and leg to be groomed. These chairs are also designed to provide a more relaxing experience with various massage and hydrotherapy options.

These chairs are excellent chairs if you are looking for relief from back pain or other problems related to poor blood circulation.

For those who are interested in health, this is a chair that provides an excellent opportunity to increase your blood circulation by getting therapeutic massages.  It can also help to increase productivity by reducing stress levels and increasing concentration.

Pedicure chairs also help your body to remove toxins by promoting lymph flow, which means that it can be used as a preventive measure against various diseases.

A pedicure seat is vital for any spa or nail salon, as it very well may be utilized by both women and men. It will likewise help in drawing in more clients towards their business. This is on the grounds that individuals need to have their feet treated while they are inside the salon, so they’ll remain longer in the salons while hanging tight for their chance at the pedicure seat.


It is clear that having a pedicure chair in the office is not just an extravagance anymore.

It can improve the quality of life for employees by providing them with an opportunity to have their feet massaged, giving them the feeling of relaxation and taking care of their health.

If you are still thinking about whether it’s worth it, you should know that many offices nowadays have already started adopting these chairs as an integral part of their office design.

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Best Free PrestaShop Themes: Easy To Use Templates



Prestashop is enormous open-source programming that has a huge local area of online dealers and clients. It has more than 300,000 online stores. It is freemium which implies that you can get to the fundamental highlights at no charge. It is a generally utilized stage as it upholds in excess of 60 dialects. 


You may find it easy to set up a store but choosing the right theme for your store can be a little daunting due to the many options available. Different themes are better integrated with different types of stores, and we’ll help you find the one that’s best for your store. You can buy the best themes and templates from the Templatetrip website. We’ll help you find the most suitable theme for your store. You can sample and select them.


Note that the best topic for your store doesn’t really need to follow the mathematical request underneath yet it very well may be any of the subjects we will examine contingent upon your requirements. 

1. Haggles Theme 

Is it true that you are searching for a subject with a creative plan? The devastation and parallax components utilized improve the visual experience of the Wheels and Tires Theme. It is an exceptionally responsive topic that is viable with work areas, tablets, and cell phones. 


Haggles Theme upholds numerous dialects including English, German, Russian Spanish among others. Your client base across numerous nations will actually want to get to your items, therefore. Haggles Theme upholds stores that fill different needs, like style, retail, engineering, and inside plan. 


Route on this topic is upgraded by the drop-down menu, and your possibilities can without much of a stretch find items and other pertinent data utilizing the pursuit bar. You approach responsive administration highlights, for example, the administrator board which you can use to screen your traffic. 


The Wheels and Tires Theme upholds PSD, Bootstrap, TPL, and PHP which are customizing highlights that improve the responsiveness and client experience. Indeed, you get this load of highlights at no expense. 

2. Sportek Theme 

Sportek subject is extraordinary compared to other free topics as it very well may be applied to an eCommerce store. The slider incorporated on the subject will take care of you to stand. Here, you can interface with valuable data and add quality pictures to draw your clients’ consideration. 


You will require this topic in case you are setting up a colder time of year sports business, a frill business, or an inside plan. The subject is profoundly viable and receptive to any keen gadget and keeps up with its quality appearance and easy-to-use format. 


You can expand your leads using Pamphlet Incorporation, which gives your store more membership. Your store can maintain web-based media phases to expand your client’s reach. The Sportech theme draws an amazing gander with a high contrast show on your store. You can download it for free from Templatetrip and import it to your Prestashop store.

3. Nextprest Theme 

Do you have a style business? You will actually want to sell different clothing types and improve changes on them utilizing this topic. You can depend on the picture and video sliders to complete the advancement of items. Next press upholds excellent pictures that will draw in the client’s consideration regarding an item. Also, you can incorporate illustrative content with your item pictures to pass fast data to the client. 


The next press Theme is a profoundly responsive subject that will keep up with its immaculate look on both work area and handheld savvy gadgets. The route is rearranged by the topic’s header segment which has a drop-down menu, classes area, search bar, and then add to the truck button. 


Coordinate your own modified standards and support advertisements to showcase your items and special arrangements. You can likewise utilize online media to advance your items, create more leads, and increment your deals. You gain admittance to this load of highlights for nothing. 

4. Leo T-Shirt Theme 

Leo’s T-Shirt subject is one more responsive and inventive topic. It has an adaptable format with three topic tones. Design eCommerce stores will discover this subject extremely helpful. In any case, you can redo it to sell items in different fields. 


You can utilize Leo T-Shirt subject to have stores, for example, PC store, Hi-tech store, versatile store, sports store, sack store, shoe store, clothing store and design extras close by numerous different sorts. You utilize the autoplay slideshow to show huge pictures, thumbnail pictures, titles, and portrayals. 


You can modify two flags in your landing page and use them to advance items and educate clients about accessible limits. Utilize the Leo Theme Control Module to design your store’s layout course, change the subject and format width without modifying the code or hacking the topic. 

5. Wedding PrestaShop Theme 

Is it accurate to say that you are intending to run a web-based wedding shop? The Wedding PrestaShop Theme allows you to zero in solely on wedding design. Your clients will be attracted to the brilliant shading plan that improves your item and shop’s appearance. You get the opportunity for better transformations. 


The topic likewise includes a picture slider where you can incorporate alluring pictures of bridesmaids and groomsmen. There is a flag connection to assist you with advancing your items as you show top-selling or limited items. The retail facade page highlights five completely adaptable segments. 


You can likewise coordinate online media to advance your items and draw in more leads and deals. Moreover, your store’s substance is accessible in different dialects which helps in the worldwide promotion. The subject’s presentation is receptive to all your savvy and work area gadgets. You will download and introduce this topic free of charge. 

6. AP Amelia PrestaShop Theme 

AP Amelia PrestaShop Theme is a natural topic adaptable to practically a wide range of e-stores. Sports products, design stores, pack stores, and PC embellishments get the best presentation. The topic has a severe and brilliant shading plan that makes your items stick out. 


You can pick between two format styles and three appealing shading plans (red, light blue, and dull blue) with regards to the customization of your store. Amelia’s subject additionally upholds a greater part of worldwide dialects that will help you contact more crowds and create more leads. 


You will think that it’s exceptionally receptive to versatile and work area gadgets. AP Amelia PrestaShop Theme is viable with different programs like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, among others. The subject has different route highlights like the inquiry bar to give your clients speedy admittance to numerous items. In general, the topic gets you a cutting-edge, lightweight, and quick stacking on the web-store. 

7. Travel Products Store 

Voyaging happens nonstop in the entire world. You ought to think about this subject in case you are putting resources into movement items like rucksacks, sacks, trunks, and some other travel items. The Travel Products Theme presents some amazing highlights. 


Your customers approach cloud zoom, which gives them a nitty-gritty perspective on the item. There is a dropdown menu you can use to add different travel classifications. Besides, the live inquiry bar gives your store an improved route. The topic fits with a schedule that will assist your clients with being careful about the dates as they go about movement buys. 


The subject backings five dialects presently which incorporate English, Spanish, German, Russian, and French. It is viable with different gadgets and programs. Your exhibition grandstand can take a merry-go-round or a slider plan. You can coordinate different web structures, for example, search structures, login structures, contact structures, client enrollment, and pamphlet membership. 

8. Dark and Whirte Theme 

The Black and Whirte topic gives your store a spotless showcase. It utilizes the effortlessness of tones and configuration to make an easy-to-understand insight. Your store will be not difficult to explore utilizing an inquiry bar or a dropdown menu. Moreover, you will incorporate a different segment to advance your items through arrangements and limits. 


When your clients discover something they need, they can add it to their truck in one basic snap. It is exceptionally receptive to any gadgets, and your store will have insignificant burden times. Your store will have different web structures including join, sign in, pamphlet, and contact structures. 

9. Vehicle Parts Store Theme 


It is safe to say that you are centered around selling vehicle parts and other extra parts? The Car Parts Store Theme is exceptionally responsive and adjustable. Your store will serve both PC and versatile clients. It has fast and simple route highlights which incorporate drop-down menus and a pursuit bar. 


Your clients will utilize the add to truck catch to promptly list an item they need to purchase.It is a profoundly adjustable topic as you can change the shading plan and even add your business logo. The Car Parts Store Theme utilizes sliders and standards to upgrade your store show and item advancement. 


You will draw in more clients through a social sharing catch connected to online media stages and bulletin memberships. 

10. Magnificence Store Free Theme 

The Beauty Store Theme is for magnificence stores selling items like adornments or collectibles. A full table-less CSS has been utilized to plan this subject. You will change your subject’s width and change the segment design. A stunner store will require an astounding showcase, and you can rely upon the picture sliders and enormous picture show. 


The Beauty Store Theme is responsive to versatile and work area use. You approach different highlights like web structures like the sign-up and login, web-based media advancement, and similarity with various programs. You set up a store dependent on this subject free of charge. 

11. Book Hangover Theme 

The Book Hangover Theme is flexible and adjustable. The subject backs online shops that major on items like books, music, vehicles, sports, bicycles, or even magnificence items. You will actually want to tweak tones, titles, and import information like pictures. 


It additionally upholds five worldwide dialects which incorporate English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian. The Book Hangover topic offers a speedy route through the fast inquiry and drop-down menu

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