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Makeup tips to rock your workplace fashion



Makeup tips to rock your workplace fashion 

Congratulations! It was overwhelming to know that you have landed your dream job. Well, are you now looking for some makeup tips that you can apply while going to the office? This article explains to you the best makeup tips that you can apply while going to your workplace. To start the makeup, you can use COSRX products. They are made up of natural ingredients, which ensure your skin is protected. Try out the makeup tips that are explained here. 

  • Flawless skin always wins!

Before anything else, make sure you must have flawless skin. Skip foundation as it brightens your makeup and also makes your skin sticky. A BB-cream is the first thing that you must apply and end it with a light pink blush. Applying a light pink color blush after the BB-cream will enhance your skin. It is a perfect last-minute makeup that you can’t do without. At last, don’t forget to apply for a dark color lipstick with it. For more information, you can visit here. 

  • Enhance your eyes

With the help of glittery eye shadows and black eyeliner, you can make your eyes do the talking. If you wish to have a brighter look with that, you can opt for dark colored lipstick. But, make sure that you have enough time to do this makeup as applying the eye shadows can consume time if you are not an expert. 

  • With the gloss

Well, make sure that too much of gloss can spoil your whole makeup. Wearing a neutral pink color gloss can be a better option rather than a deep one. 

  • Different nail arts

Are you a nail art lover? If so, you would exactly know how to do it. But, if you are not one of them, at least ensure that your nails are properly cleaned with nail tools. Your nails should look neat and clean even if you are not applying any nail polish. But for a creative look, you can try some nail arts. 

  • Apply bright lipsticks!

Well, if you do not have much time to do the makeup, you can put a bright lipstick with the BB-cream. It is one of the easiest make up that you can opt for when you are in a hurry. Just brightening your lips along with a nice pair of jeans and a formal shirt will be sufficient to complete your look. 

  • Spray carefully 

Well, whichever makeup tip you follow, ensure to wear the perfume with each of them. A soft fragrance can enlighten the space. At least, ensure that you don’t smell bad as it can spoil the mood of your colleagues and seniors. 

Departing thoughts!

It’s time to try out the makeup now so that you can avoid rushing things on your first day to the office. Try to opt for the makeup tip that enhances your features and makes you look more beautiful. Ensure that you do not try the same look every day as it will be quite boring. Purchase the best makeup products from the best online website that consists of natural ingredients. You can also share these tips with your colleagues. 

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Learn these easy tips for long, and beautiful hair which you can feel proud of




One of human’s wealth is hair. In the same way, it is your responsibility to keep the property beautiful, and you have to always take care to keep it beautiful. Taking care of your hair every day is easy. Here, we will give you some expert tips which you can include in your beauty routine. 

Brush your hair every day

Carefully untangle the hair in the morning and at night. Try not to hit pulls, but start brushing from the tips to the scalp. This gesture stimulates blood circulation, and will help you to maintain bouncy and prettier hair.

Stay away from too tight hairstyles

A pigtail in a hurry can occasionally be elegant, but always wearing a very tight hairstyle with hair bands and hairpins can cause hair breakage. If you pick your hair in a ponytail when you go to sleep, you will contribute to it falling more.

Control your stress levels

Stress is the main enemy of health and beauty. Try to lead a healthy life avoiding stress, because it affects the appearance of your hair.

Watch the amount of hair you drop

An adult and healthy person drops about 100 daily hairs, so the daily hair loss is normal. You should only be alarmed when you find too many hairs on the pillow or on your clothes.

Learn to use the right amount

Using too much shampoo can be harmful. The necessary amount is approximately one nut. Apply it to the scalp and massage well. Rinse with plenty of water with special attention to the lower part of the head. 

Ally with the gel

The gel serves to hydrate, protect and strengthen the hair. Apply Aunt Jackie’s flax-seed gel as per your requirement that goes well to your hair type, and you will get beautiful hair.

Do not go to sleep with wet hair

This habit can result in the appearance of dandruff, and other microorganisms that are generated by moisture. So before going to bed, make sure your hair is dry.

Do not abuse the plates

Excess heat can damage the hair fibres leaving weakened, dull and brittle hair. Use them only on specific occasions and always protecting your hair well with creams, and thermal sprays.

Learn to use the dryer correctly

You should keep a distance of 15 or 20 centimetres between your hair and the heat that emanates from the dryer. If you get too close, you can damage it. Apply a heat shield to the hair whenever you are going to use a hair dryer, irons or tongs. A good trick to prevent damage is to move your hair a lot with your hands or move the dryer, so the heat does not affect the same place for too long. If you have a curly hair, and you use curl wand more often, it is good to use Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard cream to protect your hair from further damage.   

Choose your shampoo well

Nothing like a treatment adapted to the need to display beautiful hair. Your scalp is sensitive and your lengths dry? Fall for a mild sulphate free shampoo. Do you need maximum nutrition and repair? A care based on creamed will smooth and shape your fibre. Do you have dandruff? Choose a purifying and soothing shampoo.

Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp in a proper way reduces the chance of hair falls. The right gesture is to use the pulp of your fingers to make slightly pressed circular movements. Do this for 5 minutes, ideally 1 to 2 times a week.

Space your shampoos

The ideal is to wash your hair twice a week. This gives the sebum time to act as a natural nourishing treatment, and avoids irritating the scalp. To help you gain 1 or 2 days, you can camouflage your roots with accessories, make ties but also use a dry shampoo.

Protect your hair from the sun

The longer your hair, the more likely it will become brittle under the sun’s rays. Remember to apply a protective spray before each exposure and to nourish your tips with dry oil.

Cut your tips regularly

The ideal is to cut 1 centimetre in every two months. This activates hair growth and boosts their resistance. You can do this at home, very easily. Simply separate your hair into two equal sections by drawing a well-cantered part. Twist each of the partitions, and then cut the tips lightly using a pair of scissors.

So, these are the easy tips which you can follow, and include them in your daily routine. What you need to do is to understand your type, and understand the hair problem. Only then you will be able to choose the perfect hair care product. 

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Looking For Beach Wedding Dresses? Here’s What You Need To Keep In Mind




Waterfront weddings or Beach weddings have been quite popular, and many of them are considering this idea for their wedding. One of the most important factors that anybody looks for is which type of beach wedding dresses will perfectly go for the precious day. You need to select a dress that will go perfectly on the wedding day, and the factors that are discussed below will help you in choosing the best dress. 

  1. Consider the shape of the body.

Style is an essential factor that needs to be considered while buying the dress. These dresses come in various designs and patterns. They are like a gown, and you can select the one that you think would be the right one for you. It is crucial to consider the shape of the body while purchasing the dresses. Always look for a dress that enhances your look and makes you feel confident about yourself. 

  1. Comfortable

When you are selecting a dress for your wedding, you need to make sure that you are comfortable while wearing the dress, and you need to make sure that you can walk properly. As it is a beach wedding and of course on the beach, there will be sand, so you need to make sure that the dress does not get stuck in the sand. 

  1. The material of the dress

When you are thinking of purchasing your wedding dress, you need to consider the material of the dress. The dress should be made up of soft material, and the clothing should be lightweight so that when you wear it, you are free to move here and there. It is better to purchase a superior quality dress as buying a dress that is not up to the mark can upset you.

  1. Pair it with the right accessories

When you are selecting the best dress, you also need to consider the right accessory. You can pair the dress with a bracelet, or if your dress has a neckline, then pair it with a necklace. In this way, a simple gown will look better when you pair it with the accessories. You can also opt for earrings if you do not wish to wear a necklace. Please don’t wear a large pair of earrings as they might create disturbance due to the wind. 

The shoes 

When you are done with the accessories and the dress, the next thing that you need to consider is the shoes. Shoes are one of the biggest concerns for the brides who have opted for a beach wedding. As you will not be able to walk in heels, then you should probably look for a shoe or pumps. In some of the beaches, they also have provisions for walking in the wooden platforms. If the wooden platform is there, then you can pair them with heels, but sandals or flats are considered to be the best ones to choose when you are opting for a beach wedding. 

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Key Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster




Key Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

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Has your hair hit a standstill in its growth journey? Growing out your hair can seem like such a struggle sometimes and knowing what products and tips you should and shouldn’t use can be tricky. Your hair can be one of your biggest accomplishments, so it is important that you keep it strong and healthy.

There are thousands of hair growth products out on the market today. You can find them at beauty salons, grocery stores, and many more. But, not only does your hair need the proper products, it also needs the essential nutrients and vitamins to help it thrive. By putting all of these supplements and dietary tips together, your hair will begin to grow faster in no time. Keep reading below to learn about the key tips to make your hair grow faster.

Best Products for Hair Growth and Thickness

When searching for hair products, you need to understand the type of hair that you have in order to choose the ones that will work best for you. Do you have oily hair? Dry hair? Thick hair? Thin hair? These are a few of the questions that you need to ask yourself before shopping for hair care products.  For example, if you have oily hair, try going for shampoos that are not as thick and creamy. This way it will not increase the amount of oil that you already have in your hair. Thick and creamy shampoos would be better for someone who has damaged, dry, and brittle hair.

It is also important to check the ingredients. There are several substances that can be harmful to your hair health that are placed in products on the shelves. Do not pick out a gel or shampoo based off of their smell alone. It is crucial that you know what these chemicals/substances are so that you can avoid them at all costs. Stay away from products that contain sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals. They can be detrimental to your hair health and halt growth.

Some of tr hair growth and thickness are the ones that are made with high intelligent technology that have been clinically tested and trialed by medical professionals and scientists. This includes products and devices that use low level light therapy to grow the hair thicker and faster on the scalps of both men and women. This is a natural hair growth treatment involving no chemicals or surgical procedures. These devices are convenient to use, allowing the individual to complete treatment in the comfort of their own home.

Natural Hair Growth Tips

Some of the best natural hair growth tips include using essential oils to increase hair growth and thickness. These oils have been used for thousands of years for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary, lavender, and almond oil are all great for hair care. Peppermint oils stimulate the cells of the body where it is applied. If you apply it to the scalp, the oil will stimulate the cells. This will increase the blood flow to the hair follicle cells and encourage growth. Rosemary is a popular essential oil for hair growth because of its ability to increase cellular metabolism. This means that it improves cellular growth and strength. Lavender has the ability to prevent bacteria from growing. It soothes the scalp and prevents dandruff and dryness. Keeping your scalp moisturized is very important when trying to improve the speed of hair growth. Almond oil makes your hair less prone to split ends. In turn, this means your hair growth will not be slowed down by losing hair that is damaged.

Best Foods for Hair Growth

Instead of focusing on just products and oils to promote faster hair growth, try incorporating a healthier diet to your everyday routine. Your diet is a big part of how your body functions, and without a healthy body, your hair will not be healthy. Eat foods that are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Your hair is made up of protein (keratin), so it is critical that you get enough of this in your diet. Eat foods like spinach, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and seeds. These are just for starters, there are hundreds of foods out there that have a high protein content that you can also be eating. You will also want to make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. Focus on eating foods like fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins A, C, D, and E. Your hair will thank you for feeding it such wonderful foods. However, if you are finding it difficult to consume these food groups, try taking a multivitamin daily. These will provide your body with all of the essential nutrients it needs to supply a healthy head of hair.


Although your hair on your head is essentially “dead”, it requires upkeep to remain healthy. It is easy to forget about maintaining your hair, but results will quickly show if you do. Remember the key tips to make your hair grow faster: shampoo, conditioner, low level light therapy, essential oils, and diet. If you can keep up on this list of necessities, your hair will be thriving.

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