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Recover-it: How to recover lost data from PC, Mac and others for free



The issue of data recovery solutions may not be new, but this does not detract from its importance or relevance. Over time the information that is accumulating in the various devices are becoming more bulky as important. Solutions to keep this information secure are a real concern, but it’s also important to be well-equipped when you need a solution to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, lost or otherwise inaccessible. Recover-It is one of the effective solutions and it’s free.

What is Recover-It

Recover-it, from Wonder-share, is in fact a good tool to have at hand for these situations described. In the words of the programmer “No matter what information you’ve lost, get it back!”

The latest and improved version has, from the initial boot menu, a cleaner, more modern interface with a very intuitive and practical, almost minimalist organisation.

The user can find all the functions that he needs to perform the task that he proposes. Suitable for home or commercial use, Recover-it, available for both Windows and MAC, is the new trend in fast, simple and affordable data recovery; video recovery, audio recovery, document recovery and many more!

By presenting a more advanced algorithm, it manages to enter deeply into the data structure and thus obtains a high consistency of information retrieval rates and manages to achieve a high success rate and can even reach 96%.

3 operating steps

With versions for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, Recover-it combines a good set of tools and an intuitive as well as assertive interface so that, in just three steps, you start and complete the data recovery process:

– Recovery mode selection;
– Analysis of the device or computer;
– Preview, retrieve, and save files

The loss of information can result from accidentally and unexpectedly deleted data, virus damage, re configurations or hard drive failures, or that are inaccessible for any other reason.

Data recovery

About 550 file formats can be retrieved, such as documents, emails, photographs, video files, audio files such as mp3 recovery and more.

The new version of Recover-it comes enhanced in speed and recovery efficiency as referred to. It makes use of an algorithm that ensures the high consistency of recovery rates.

There are 2 recovery modes:

– Standard Mode
– Wizard Mode

which fit the needs and level of experience of those who are involved in this difficult task of data recovery.

If the data recovery task involves a search for numerous files, the process may take longer.

But contrary to what other software allows, with Recover-It it is possible to pause the recovery process and resume it later, without loss of data or interruption of the involuntary process.

Deep Scan – Differential Detail

One of the other differentiating functions of other software is the fact that it offers a more detailed analysis and research, Deep Scan, in which the type or types of files are selected, and the extensions of them, that will be integrated in the research as well as the location.

You can search the computer or other device and select a specific folder that will be the subject of data analysis and retrieval. This restriction and selection allows you to save a lot of time, rather than having to wait for a full partition scan as other software does.

Preview files to recover

In order to guarantee good final results, as soon as the file localisation process starts, the file list preview is immediately available and so the user can select the files he or she wants to recover beforehand, without having to wait for the program complete the analysis. We can also apply some filters to reduce the analysis, using key words such as name, dates and file size. A truly useful and effective recovery software!

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