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Some things to consider before buying an iPhone



Want to buy a cheap iPhone without spending too much money to buy top of the line models? So know that you can put in place several strategies to save money when buying a device. Keep reading!

The iPhone stands out as one of the best mobile phones in the world and also one of the best-selling. With it, you can explore various possibilities, such as a powerful 14MP camera, 4K video, sophisticated design, and high resolution. Currently Apple has five handsets as the top of the line, they are: 8, x and many others.

In this article we will give you tips on how to save and buy cheaper, follow!

Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy all the latest in mobile. Mobile devices allow you to access the internet at high speed thanks to the 4G connection, the iOS 10 operating system and the A9 processor.

Here are some important tips for buying the cheapest iPhone without breaking the budget:

Buy in the United States

Anyone who has plans to travel to the United States should enjoy buying an iPhone in the land of Uncle Sam. This is because the value is much cheaper than the prices charged by stores in other countries. You can find iPhone’s for sale with affordable rates.

In the US, top-of-the-line iPhone’s, such as X or XS, start at $ 649. This amount does not include tax rates. You also need to evaluate how many dollars at the time of purchase to see whether the acquisition is really profitable.

Know this: The value of $ 199, which is widely discussed on the Internet, only applies to those who purchase devices with a loyalty agreement and a bound line.

Buy the previous version

Instead of bringing the iPhone XS home, consider buying a previous generation, such as the iPhone 8. The price difference is quite large and the features change slightly from one device to another.

Compare prices

To ensure a low price, it is very important to compare the values. You can go to a physical store or even use an online search engine. Just type some keywords and you’ll get the answer.

Take advantage of promotions

At certain times of the year, such as Black Friday, the iPhone is sold at a much lower price. So take advantage of promotions to pay for a cheaper device.

Choose cash payment

The possibility of buying up to 12 installments on a credit card is tempting, but be careful. Payment of installments can cause high interest rates.

Negotiate price

Talk to the seller and negotiate the best price. Apple doesn’t usually work with discounts, but it’s worth a try.

Find good options on Ali Express

Ali Express is a good choice for your iPhone online purchase, but choose a reliable vendor to avoid unpleasant surprises. is a recommended online store on the platform because of their excellent reputation.

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