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Start The New Decade With A Menstrual Cup



There are lots of challenges that women face when dealing with their periods, a primary reason behind the constant endeavors to improve on the current solutions. For decades, disposable tampons and sanitary pads have dominated the global market as the go-to solution for managing periods. However, this is gradually changing as more women realize the effectiveness of a once little-known alternative that has been around since 1930. This is the use of the menstrual cup, which, despite not being a recent innovation, has taken time before being finally accepted by modern women.

Why the slow pace of acceptance?

When it comes to lifestyle solutions, we are all ingrained to trust more what was passed down to us by our elders and the society at large. Ever since sanitary pads and disposable tampons were introduced to women and replaced the much-stressing use of washable clothes, every teenage girl was given the same lessons. It consequently became the norm, and despite any issues or challenges that women face during their period, they learnt to stick to it. On the other hand, menstrual cups were not given much attention until a few years ago when modern women started becoming more open to more suitable alternatives.

The higher quality of modern menstrual cups

It is no brainier that women will be extra cautious before they use any product that needs to be put into the vagina. This becomes more challenging when the product is made of rubber, latex, or silicone material, which is what defines a menstrual cup. Luckily, leading manufacturers long realized these concerns and strictly avail to the market health and safety-approved solutions. As a policy, women are advised to only go for menstrual cups that have been FDA approved, ISO certified, and recommended by government health bodies.

Generally, menstrual cups from top-rated brands are not only easier to use but very comfortable. This is why many women who have experimented with these cups have ended up becoming hooked and ditched all other solutions. The only challenge that many people have is using the cup for the first time, a problem that is quickly resolved by going through a reliable menstrual cup resource. A resource worth your attention should guide you in finding the right size of the menstrual cup and a guide on how to use this menstrual care solution.

Why the use of menstrual cups will continue to grow in this decade

It is amazing how the use of menstrual cups has gone from a solution that women did not give much consideration to becoming a favorite among those who have tried it. This has largely been propelled by the high efficiency of the cups, as proven by research analysis that show they hold more blood compared to most traditional solutions. The menstrual cups also stay in place until they are removed, eliminating the risks of leaks and making them highly practical for the modern woman who is ever busy. Finally, and most importantly, menstrual cups are re-usable, a fact that makes them very cost-effective. Essentially, embracing the use of these cups is saying goodbye to the monthly budget of disposable menstrual pads or tampons without sacrificing functionality.

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