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Top 5 Paid Apps You Need As an Influencer



Whether you’re a seasoned creator or a budding influencer, you can’t dispute that creating social media content requires time and hard work. However, being on top of your game can help you develop your account and make you more appealing to brands looking to collaborate with notable influencers. In addition, the influence of technology (no pun intended) can help significantly with your success.


The quality of your material can influence how potential partners see you. Of course, if you want to make a solid first impression, you need high-quality material. When companies search for social media influencers to partner with, they consider their relevance, reach, and engagement rate. They will, however, look at the influencer’s work to assess how good a content creator they are.


In the previous few years, influencer marketing has brought a lot of success to businesses. Because of its capacity to engage with audiences of various sizes, it has proven to be a cost-effective and high-return strategy for marketers of all budget ranges. So whether you’re a small startup working with micro-influencers or a global corporation paying millions on a top social media influencer, you can drive a return.


So, how can you stand out from the crowd? Here we have five of the best apps available that will help you on your journey to (hopefully) influence the world!


  1. VSCO – VSCO is widely regarded as one of the top applications for influencers, with over 124,000 ratings and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. This programme allows you to modify both images and videos. Additionally, it has its own Instagram hashtag. Choose from various filters, enhance colours, create textures with Grain and Fade, and use basic editing capabilities like crop and contrast with VSCO. When you upgrade to the premium tool, you get access to over 200 presents, including classic film looks and more. In addition to framed borders and advanced editing tools, the premium feature gives you access to framed borders and advanced editing capabilities to make your photographs look even more professional.
  2. Brand Snob – One of the best features of Brand Snob is that it assists influencers and businesses in the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion industries with partnership planning. Brand Snob is a marketplace for influencers that allow marketers to publish cooperation proposals, which influencers respond to. Brands can either set a fixed price or leave room for negotiation. In any case, you choose the brands that appeal to you the most and are compensated through the Brand Snob platform. Payments are made on the site and are held in escrow until the promised task is completed.


The benefit is twofold. To begin, the platform safeguards users by confirming their identities. Second, the escrow provision makes it far more difficult for consumers to be duped. The platform, however, is exclusively available to Apple users. Devotees of Windows and Android will have to wait for new versions to be released.

  1. Later – Do you know how to plan your Facebook posts? With the app later, you may now do so on Instagram. The software is available for iOS and Android and comes with both a paid and a free version. The free version lets you schedule 30 picture postings per month and assesses how well they work. The benefits of the paid choices differ based on how much you spend per month. Later is more than just a schedule tool; it also monitors trending hashtags and creates shoppable posts for you.
  2. #Hash Me – There are both free and premium versions of the iOS app. You can use #Hash Me to submit images or search hashtags using text input. In addition, #Hash Me identifies and recommends the most popular Instagram hashtags to help you obtain more likes.
  3. Video Leap – On the surface, Enright Video leap appears to be a standard video editor, complete with a timeline and tools for editing clips, adding audio, and applying special filters and effects. However, as you explore the programme, you’ll notice that it has advanced features like layer-based editing and blending (as in, you can place a video clip on top of another video clip and mix them, like in the screenshot). In addition, video quality up to 4K can be exported using the app.

As an influencer, you can do more than upload photographs to develop your following. To make sure your material is eye-catching and exciting, you’ll need the correct tools. It’s the extra effort you put in to generate excellent content that makes people and brands take notice of you.


The number of apps that can help you succeed as an influencer or marketer is enormous. This article highlighted a selection of our top apps to help you choose the right tools more quickly and easily. Naturally, these are not all of the tools available online, but the majority are well-known and have proven to be effective for influencers. Which other apps do you think are valuable tools for budding influencers?

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