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Traditional Interview Practices Versus Modern Interview Practices



The interview is the platform where candidate is finalized for the job position or not. Basically, the interview is the conversation between the candidate and interviewer where they can understand each other’s nature. While conversation, the interviewers analyse the candidate on the various grounds like the presence of mind, communication skills, understanding skills, etc. In this way, the interviewer can see whether the candidate is fit for the vacancy or not. Earlier the interviews were conducted in the office. But with the increase in technology, the ways of recruitment are also changing. New platforms are coming every day that are making the work of these experts easier and efficient. One of the very effective software used by experts is video interview platforms.

Earlier the traditional interview practices were very time consuming and cost-effective. It involves many things that are not useful for the organization as well as the candidates appearing for the interview. But on the other hand, the video interview platforms can save time and cost of both candidates and organizations, even by using this software the company can conduct interviews at the global level. In traditional interview techniques, the organization has to schedule one day according to the availability of the interview panel. The candidates from far places need to look for accommodation. This process was very costly as well. So, this platform has helped in many ways to improvise in the process of selection of the candidate and made it far easier than before. It has overcome the loopholes of the traditional process.

Following are the benefits of the video interview platforms:

  • Reduced the time to hire:This was the major drawback in the traditional way of hiring a person, the process used to be very lengthy and time-consuming. So, there were chances that the best candidates drop the plan of appearing for the interview which becomes a loss for the company. So, this software platform had led to the completion of the whole process of hiring in a short time. This way many candidates can be screened in a short time and the best out of the lot can be selected for the job vacancy.
  • Enhance the candidate’s experience: using modern technology right from the starting of the selection process helps the candidate to know about the working culture over there. Even the organizations which start taking online video interviews, they can open job opportunities to the candidates across the world. This can open access to many opportunities to both organization and the candidates.
  • Reduce hiring cost by more than 50%: in the traditional way of hiring the person for the job involved many types of efforts which were both monetary and non-monetary. By using this platform for interviewing the candidates, only need is the computers with internet access. This way they can take the interviews from many candidates. This has been an advantage from the sides of both candidates and the organization. Even the candidates need not travel for far places to give interviews.
  • Videos are logs for future references and audits: the interviews are recorded for future uses and even the analysis done by the experts are also recorded. In case the candidate can be selected for another post in the future, this way he doesn’t have to give the interview again.
  • Modernization and automation: it has become very important to cope up with the upcoming technologies. Even these modern technologies are making our work very easy and efficient. This video platform is inbuilt with many advanced tools that can be used for interviewing the candidate. It can analyse the behaviours of the candidate and can give suggestions.

All the above benefits can tell that video interview platforms are better than the traditional ways of conducting interviews. Now let’s look upon the things that are to be considered while selecting the platform for the organization:

  • Maturity of platforms: before selecting the software for the organization, you need to check the abilities that it can handle like audio, video and text questions, configure the time for both question and answer as well, configure the registration forms, randomization of the question to be asked from the candidate, multi-panel evaluation and sending the notification to management and candidates through text message, email, IVR and reminder.
  • Mobile support: the software should support both IOS and Android software as without this no work is possible in this world now.
  • Integration and branding support: the software should have integration with one of the reputed companies. As the software should get installed with the welcome videos on the behalf of the company that will start to play as soon as the candidate logs in to give an interview. This way it can help in building up the interest of the candidate in the company.
  • 24*7 hotline support: the software should support this condition. As it helps the candidates to give the interview on their desired time.

If the software has all these features, it will turn up a good advantage for the organization. This advantage can affect company’s success positively. Up gradation with technology is very important if the company wants to be the best. To be the best company, they have to own the best human resources, these resources play a very important role in the whole functioning of the organization. You can have all the best equipment installed in your organization if they don’t have the efficient staff to operate them. They will not be very successful in their work. To have the best candidates in your organization, it is very important to screen the candidates who have applied for the job so that the managers can get an idea of the candidates, analyse them, and then select the best out of the lot. To help the experts in selecting the candidates, this video interview platform is very helpful, and it is making the whole process very smooth and efficient. It is not only beneficial for the organization but also for candidates.

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