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Treat Your Car Like Family: Have Sufficient Auto Insurance



Take care of your car, and it will take care of you – or at least take you from one place to another. Properties like vehicles must be taken care of if we want them to serve us well for several years. Maintenance and insurance are two different stories, even though car repair / mechanical breakdown insurance combines both into one story, yet both must be applied to our beloved cars no matter how. Both accidents and vehicle damages are unforeseen unfortunate events. We never know when we will encounter them.

Getting car insurance quotes and signing for an auto insurance contract take our worries away from our vehicles and gives us peace of mind that it will be taken care of in case something unexpected occurs while keeping us financially covered from unwanted costs involving it. At these times of pandemic, when public transportation is a place where viruses thrive, having your own personal car is a necessity, and as car owners, we have to be prepared for everything. Auto insurance policies can cover minor damages such as a scratch on the body paint as well as major damages caused by acts of nature, vandalism, or car accidents.

When a tree hits a car in the midst of a storm, for example, the damage caused to the vehicle may be covered by its car insurance, giving us fewer worries during different weather conditions as the insurance company is taking care of our car repair or replacement. Besides, when our car is sufficiently insured, it protects us, too by covering our medical expenses, in case we suffer any injuries or medical conditions while driving.

Finding the right Auto Insurance for your vehicle

If you are new to driving or vehicle ownership, then this article is good news for you! Car insurance cost depends on many factors, including the make and the model of your car. The higher your car value, the higher the cost of your car insurance. The good thing is that you can leverage it both ways, as certain cars cost less to insure, and you can take advantage of different discounts given by various auto insurance providers when selecting an insurance plan for your car.


Some dealers offer insurance together with the car you purchased. It is excellent since most dealers will give you a discount on signing an insurance contract with them. It is, however, recommended to consider other options from auto insurance comparison sites to get a full picture of both rates, coverages, and company reputations.


There is also an advantage to having multiple vehicles. Most auto insurance companies will offer you a significant discount for having all of your vehicles insured with them. Consulting a local insurance agent may be helpful for finding the best package for you. You can easily find an auto insurance agent near you through a simple Google search.

What does Auto Insurance cover for your car?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, most basic auto insurance policies consist of 6 types of auto insurance coverages:  bodily injury liability, personal injury protection, property damage liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorist

Gap insurance

We know that car values depreciate quickly. If a charter vehicle is involved in a mishap beyond repair, there’s a chance a payment is still required by the dealership for the remaining months unpaid of yours. There will likely be an amount difference in the money you’ll receive from the insurance company. This is known as gap insurance.

The good thing is that the cost of gap insurance is tied to your leased car’s monthly payments. The company seller of the vehicle buys insurance for the cars they sell and then charges the buyer for that claim; this is called a gap waiver. It merely means you will not be charged for the gap amount if your car is totaled.


Always research for companies, services, rates, promotions, and discounts. Take advantage of plans or packages that will suit your budget. Most insurance companies provide a variety of discounts. For example a full-payment discount, a good driver discount, or a multi-policy discount.

Some insurers will give a discount on auto insurance by simply asking for it. Researching online for these discounts is a great step for getting cheaper car insurance rates for our desired coverage. 


It’s always best to be prepared, accidents may not happen to us every day, but they happen all the time and we have to be prepared. Protecting ourselves, our properties, and our assets with sufficient insurance keeps us financially protected and keeps our vehicles in their best condition over time. Not only does this give us peace of mind, but it also secures us financially from any misfortunes and unexpected events involving our cars. 

By planning our future we have fewer obstacles when unfortunate events strike us. Since our cars or any vehicles we have are a necessity nowadays, it is extremely important to sufficiently ensure it to keep ourselves worry-free and financially covered. 

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