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Why Conduct Comparisons? A ChartLogic vs MedEZ EHR Guide



Electronic health records (EHR) are critical tools healthcare providers use to manage patient data, streamline clinical operations and handle the business side of medical practices. Not all EHR solutions are up to mark; thus, care providers compare them to find the fittest. We have always encountered the question as of why there is a need for conducting EHR comparisons. So in this ChartLogic vs MedEZ EHR guide, we will explain it to you.

Why Conduct EHR Comparisons?

Let’s begin this ChartLogic vs MedEZ EHR guide by understanding the basics. The EHR comparisons can be beneficial for several reasons, such as:


  1. Identifying the right EHR for your organization: There are numerous EHR systems available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. By comparing them, you can identify the EHR that best fulfills the needs of your care facility, taking into account factors like functionality, compatibility, ease of use, and cost.
  2. Improving patient care: The right EHR can help medical professionals improve patient care by making it easier to manage patient data, track progress over time, and identify potential health issues. By conducting EHR comparisons, you can identify the one that is most likely to improve patient care outcomes.
  3. Streamlining administrative tasks: EHRs can help healthcare providers streamline administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling and claims processing. Comparing EHRs can help you identify the vendor that makes administrative task management a no-brainer.
  4. Ensuring compliance: EHRs are subject to numerous regulations and guidelines, including HIPAA and Meaningful Use. By comparing EHR solutions, you can ensure that the one you choose complies with regulatory bodies, minimizing the risk of penalties and other legal issues.
  5. Specialty-specific: All EHR solutions handle different specialty cases. Some are multi-disciplinary, while others are specialty-specific. EHR comparisons are simply the process of finding the right EHR for your specialty, as you cannot go for just any vendor by turning a blind eye to the specialty offered.


In short, EHR comparisons are the simplest way to set things straight and choose the optimal vendor for care practices. It reflects on clinical operations, as a compatible system streamlines workflow in no time, whereas the wrong decision can haunt you forever.


MedEX is a behavioral health-specific solution improving the norms of care for mental health facilities. According to the reviews, it harnesses the power of technologically advanced functionalities to uphold a competitive stance in the market. Meeting the specialized needs of practices, the vendor streamlines workflow and lessens the provider’s burnout. Reviews share that MedEZ EHR offers on-premise and cloud-based deployment models and stays compliant with regulatory guidelines.


The specialties this customer-centric solution serves are


  • Behavioral Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Physician Rehabilitation
  • Residential Treatment Centers

MedEZ EHR Pricing:

The pricing details of MedEZ are not revealed to the public yet. It is not that the vendor keeps providers in the dark. You can request the pricing structure of MedEZ by contacting the vendor’s sales rep. As MedEZ EHR has not revealed its pricing details, we cannot say much about it. Whether it’s budget-friendly or not is up to you to find out.

MedEZ EMR Demo:

If you are interested in learning about the tools and services of MedEZ, schedule its demo. The demo of MedEZ EHR is known to spike users’ interest as it is crafted using captivating feature descriptions. The MedEZ EHR demo is freely available on its website. So, if you want to examine MedEZ EHR up close, wait no more and set up a demo right now.

ChartLogic EHR Software

It is a multi-disciplinary solution helping care facilities meet regulatory compliance and increasing their efficiency. As per the reviews, ChartLogic EHR offers cost-effective solutions that enhance practices’ revenue collection over time. Moreover, reviews suggest that ChartLogic EHR leads to effective encounters resulting in impressive outcomes by eliminating the errors subject to paper-based encounters. This software stays ahead of industry trends and thus ensures continuous system updates.


The specialties ChartLogic EHR serves are:


Allergy / Immunology

Alternative / Holistic Medicine


Applied Behavior

Bariatric Medicine






ENT / Otolaryngology

Family Medicine


General Medicine

General Surgery


Hematology and Oncology

Infectious Diseases





Integrative Medicine / Wellness

Internal Medicine

Mental / Behavioral Health






Occupational Medicine



Orthopedic Surgery

Pain Management


Physical Medicine / Physiatry

Physical Therapy


Plastic Surgery


Preventive Medicine



Psychology / Therapy

Pulmonary Medicine



Sleep Medicine

Speech Therapy

Substance Abuse

Thoracic Surgery

Urgent Care/ER


Vascular Surgery

ChartLogic EHR Pricing:

Considering it is an all-inclusive solution, ChartLogic EMR must offer steep pricing bundles right? Well, we can’t make any statement on the pricing structure of ChartLogic as it is not disclosed publicly. You have to fill out the pricing quote to get a personalized pricing plan from ChartLogic EHR.

ChartLogic EMR Demo:

If you have any doubts about ChartLogic EHR or want to explore its features, go for its demo. ChartLogic EHR offers a live demo crafted according to the specialty case. During the demo, you can expect to gain deeper insights into the feature spectrum of the ChartLogic EHR. Visit the webpage of ChartLogic EHR and request a demo right away.

Are These Vendors Interchangeable?

Now comes the most essential element of this ChartLogic vs MedEZ EHR comparison. Now you have to critically evaluate which system you should choose. It depends on certain factors; the most integral is the specialty practiced. You cannot go with MedEZ EHR until or unless you are running a mental healthcare facility. In this case you can go with ChartLogic too but as MedEZ is a behavioral health specific solution it will handle operations with more finesse.


Same like that, you must not go with MedEZ if you are operating a multi-specialty care facility because having multiple EHR solutions in one clinical environment will lead to mess. In this case, your best resort is an all-rounder EHR platform like CharmHealth. A mismatched EHR is the beginning of downfall as it lacks specialty-content, diagnostic codes etc. A slight negligence during the implementation process can burn your reputation to the ground. So, choose wisely.


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