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Why online is helping bingo become hip and relevant again



Caption: Smartphones and tablets are tailormade for online bingo action

For too long, the game of bingo had something of a dated, stereotypical image of retired women huddled around tables in a bingo hall, waiting for their next line or house. The tired image of bingo was threatening to put bingo halls and the industry as a whole out of business. The number of active bingo players was rapidly declining, especially in the UK, and more bingo halls were being boarded-up, to be closed forever more.

Caption: Boarded-up bingo halls become increasingly commonplace in the early 2000s

That was until the

from its slumber and fired both barrels in a bid to entice an entirely new demographic to the game – millennial’s. Bingo needed to become relevant in the eyes of young adults that have an increasing hunger and desire for new experiences. To that end, it was little surprise when the concept of ‘Bongo’s Bingo’ was born.

How Bongo’s Bingo has put life back into the bingo industry

Bingo traditionalists would have probably looked on horrified at the thought of having full-on raves in between live bingo games, complete with crowd games and dance-offs to win additional cash prizes, but that’s the reality of the new Bongo’s Bingo craze that’s taken off in all major cities across the UK. Rather than bingo being played in silence, Bongo’s Bingo takes a contemporary twist on the classic game, playing games with dance music in the background and players swigging pitchers of beer and cocktails whilst they play. The atmosphere is more akin to a night at the darts than to a bingo hall.

Bongo’s Bingo has also priced itself competitively to encourage more bingo newbies to try their hand. With tickets for games typically costing no more than £6 at a time, it’s as cheap as a night at the pub, but unlike any other night out you’ll have experienced before. The events were first born in Liverpool, which has a high population of graduates. It has since spread to nearby Manchester and Leeds, as well as Cardiff. What Bongo’s Bingo has done is put bingo on the radar of millennial’s; millennial’s that are online 24/7 and will no doubt have noticed the thriving online bingo industry.

What’s the appeal of playing online bingo?

Most newbies to online bingo can also get involved without having to deposit their own cash. This enables them to experience the game play and social interaction for real using only bonus money. When you consider that more than three-quarters (76%) of British adults owned smartphones as long ago as 2015, it’s clear that accessibility to online bingo isn’t an issue for the sector’s new target demographic.

Furthermore, the industry’s utilization of HTML 5 technology has helped create truly responsive online bingo platforms, designed to offer consistent gaming experiences, regardless of device or screen size. One of the main reasons why online bingo has become such a popular modern-day pastime among millennial’s is the social aspect. Online bingo has successfully managed to retain the engagement aspect of traditional bingo.

Historically, bingo was a great way for family and friends to get together and chew the fat about life. Online bingo sites have worked hard to develop online communities for their players to enjoy. Each bingo room has dedicated chat hosts that are employed to welcome players, handle any issues and share in players’ successes. It’s that communal spirit that keeps online bingo players coming back for more.

Another reason why online bingo has become so popular is the variety of games available. It’s not just your bog-standard 90-ball and 75-ball games; some sites will even offer fast-paced 36-ball alternatives, ideal for time-poor professionals looking for a quick entertainment fix. What’s more, these online bingo operators schedule games day and night, 24/7. Of course, the games with the biggest jackpots tend to be held during peak hours i.e. early evenings or weekends, but even those millennial’s that work night shifts can get a slice of bingo action on their smartphone or tablet at 4 am. It’s why online bingo has become such an accessible form of entertainment, ensuring the classic game – in its contemporary guise – will thrive well into the 21st century.

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