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CoolSculpting® – The Gold Standard in Non-Invasive Fat Reduction



It is normal to come across pictures and videos of models and actresses with perfectly slimmed and sculpted bodies when browsing through the media these days. In those moments, it is easy for one to think they are in shape only because it is their job. They get paid to work out in the gym for hours and if you had the same job, you would look equally as great and in shape. 

Not everyone is gifted with the blessing of time. In this fast paced world, it is easy to ignore ourselves and our bodies. While it is completely spot on that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but constant indulgence in media such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook has led us to believe that beauty has certain standards. People lacking these standards have often confessed having uncomfortable feelings about themselves such as low self-esteem and self-consciousness. 

Going under the knife is not an option even if you are consumed by overwhelming feelings caused by stubborn body fat that just does not go away. Fat in abs, inner and outer thighs, and under the chin is the most stubborn. Your easy solution is CoolSculpting in NYC. It’s a much safer, quicker, and effective approach. 

CoolSculpting® has recently become a very popular fat reduction treatment in New York. There are a number of reasons to undergo this procedure to get rid of excessive fat. People these days need quick and painless body contouring modalities and that’s exactly what it offers. You’ll get the treatment done in just over an hour. The procedure is super smooth and non-invasive. No cuttings, injections, or incisions are needed which means no worries. It is a really safe procedure that won’t damage your skin at all. 

CoolSculpting is not your cure to obesity. It is the ideal treatment for people having resistant fat bulges in specific areas. Our curiosity to find out more about this miraculous treatment led us to Dr.Schwarzburg of Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics Medical Spa cosmetic medicine clinic!

Question: I’m sure you must be aware of how crazy people are for Coolsculpting in New York as they have huge expectations from this treatment. What do you think is the number one reason for CoolSculpting’s fame?

Dr. Schwarzburg: People are well aware of the complexities of body shaping treatments, but they understand how different and unique CoolScultping is. The main reason for its fame is its incision and injection free approach. The safe and effective procedure aministered by the professionals is what people go after the most. 

All the New Yorkers are known for their self-care abilities. They are well aware of the importance of body image. It is evident through their gym membership figures which tend to only increase every passing year. Contrary to popular belief, exercise and diet won’t do it all for you. At some point, you would need to get rid of the remaining stubborn fat layers. That is where the CoolSculpting treatment comes in.

Dr.Schwarzburg:  Many people are not happy with the excess fat on their bodies. They complain that it affects their daily lives. One of the most common issues is the fat present on the inner thigh. It can cause pain while conducting daily activities such as walking. CoolSculpting is not just about getting rid of fat, but also an improvement for physical comfort so the everyday life can become easier. It is the ideal solution for “love handles” and “muffin tops”. 

Long-Term Investment That Pays Off

CoolScultping’s common appeal is that it is extremely safe. There is no involvement of injections and definitely no surgery. The treatment is FDA cleared and would eliminate the visible fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. This super easy treatment only has some minimal and temporary side effects that include numbness, discomfort, and swelling that would all vanish away in as little as few day to occasionally a few weeks.

This incredible treatment has a super smooth process that involves exposure of the fat bulges to low temperatures that kill the fat cells. This entire process is named apoptosis as the cells naturally diminish in size and are flushed out of the body. You can expect a time period of 60 to 90 days to experience the best results. Some people have also reported that they saw changes only after 30 days. 

Dr.Schwarzburg: CoolSculpting is about change of lifestyle. You can’t just expect all of your fat to miraculously disappear and then return back to your unhealthy eating habits. People who want to undergo this treatment should plan for  a measurable change of lifestyle for good.  The treatment should be followed by some mild to moderate physical activities on a daily basis along with healthy eating habits. The long lasting effects of CoolSculpting can only be enjoyed if you adopt rituals of a healthy lifestyle. 

CoolSculpting should be sought by people who are seeking safe and effective fat loss treatment. You will definitely experience a good change that would make you more confident about yourself. 

You can get more valuable knowledge on CoolSculpting from Dr. Schwarzburg through their Skinly Aesthetics Medical Spa.

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How Masks Can Help You Protect Yourself from COVID-19




The global pandemic brought about significant changes in how people should live their daily lives. Since the virus that brought about COVID-19 is fairly new, and there is no vaccine or medications to combat it yet, it is up to the people to exert an extra effort to ensure that they are safe and protected from the virus. One of these is by wearing a face mask.

But How Can Wearing a Mask Protect You from COVID-19?

Technically, you are not protecting yourself by wearing a mask, rather, you are protecting the other people around you when you do.

Thus, to protect yourself, other people should wear masks too. This is how people, as a community, will be able to work together in protecting each other and mitigating contagion.

But How Do Masks Work?

Since the virus can be contracted through the aerosol droplets that you excrete when you sneeze, or even when you simply talk to others, wearing a mask can help prevent the person you are talking to, or the other persons around you, from acquiring the aerosol droplets you excrete. This proves to be beneficial, particularly when you are unaware that you are carrying the virus because you are asymptomatic. In this case, there is a reduced chance that you will be able to pass it on to others. For this reason, you should wear masks, particularly when you need to go out and do your errands and buy your basic needs. For this, you can shop for KN95 online where you will find high-quality ones at a reasonable price. KN95 is a type of mask that has a high filtration rate, much like the medically approved N95 mask possesses.

Still, there is the option for you to wear cloth masks, but this won’t be able to offer high filtration. Nevertheless, cloth masks prove to be sufficient if you are going out, but not going to an area with lots of people. The key is in not touching your face frequently even if you are already wearing a mask. This is because you may have held onto something that is already contaminated with the virus.

Other Mitigation Measures

Aside from wearing face masks, there is also the option for you to wear a face shield as a piece of additional protective equipment that will ensure that you don’t acquire the droplets of other people from their saliva when they sneeze. Of course, proper hand hygiene is mandatory, which is why you need to wash your hands with soap and water properly for at least 20 seconds. Otherwise, make sure that you carry a hand sanitizer with you at all times.

In conclusion, wear your mask to protect others because by wearing their masks, other people also protect you. This is how people can work together as a community to protect each other. Aside from personal protective equipment, keep in mind that hand hygiene is also important such that you need to wash hands as frequently as you can, or keep a sanitizer within your reach.


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How Do Braces Prevent Cavities?




Braces have been a staple of aesthetics and health for the better part of five decades now. It’s the premier means of getting those pearly whites lined up. Some of us got them when we were kids, some of us adults, and a lot of us are still considering them. Whatever your reasons for putting off braces may be, know that they are of great benefit across the board. They’re even more helpful than we think. There’s a whole host of things that braces can do aside from straightening teeth. Did you know that braces have been associated with a decrease in cavities? Seems a bit out there, huh? 

Well, like many medical mechanisms, some phenomenons seem like they shouldn’t make sense. But ultimately, pathophysiology and treatments have a wide range of twists, turns, and effects. Here’s how braces prevent cavities, as well as do a few other things you might not have expected. 

How Cavities Start 

Cavities are, essentially, holes in your teeth. That’s why they can be painful. At the center of a tooth is a set of nerves. The deeper the hole, the more exposed it is. These areas of dissolved enamel can even harbor the very bacteria that caused it. Bacteria?! Yes, bacteria. It’s those little microscopic bugs that do the damage. According to Phoenix orthodontist and award-winning researcher Dr. Courtney Dunn, cavities come from bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans that group together and create what we call “biofilms”. 

They also happen to secrete a lot of lactic acid as a byproduct of sugar metabolism. So if you’re got an entire film full of acid-producing bacteria on a surface that can potentially be corroded by acid, you’re bound to see some damage. This is one of the reasons why doctors recommend that you limit simple sugars in your diet. The combination of that and not brushing your teeth is a sure-fire way to get cavities. Fortunately for us, we have an inexpensive, practical, and easy set of solutions: brush, floss, rinse. 

Misaligned Teeth and Excessive Cavities 

If you have a poor bite or overcrowding of teeth, there are angles and areas that one might not be able to get to while brushing. When we brush, we tend to focus on the superficial area. We tend to brush the outside. That’s only half the surface area of your teeth. This is exacerbated by the malocclusion of teeth. As we mentioned in the previous section, cavities are caused by S. mutans biofilms that secrete lactic acid. 

If you only brush one side, the superficial side, you’ve got a whole colony that can grow from the back to the front while still spewing out corrosive material. Even if you do a fairly thorough job of brushing your teeth, having a “poor bite” makes it near impossible to get the totality of your teeth’s surface area. 

Braces: A Surprising Solution 

This is where braces come in. If you get yourself a brand-spanking-new set of braces, you’re on the road to having the smile of your dreams. More than that, you’ll be aligning your teeth in a manner that is conducive to manual brushing. We all need to get our biannual oral checkup, sure. But a big chunk of health and hygiene is up to us. Doctors are there in case something goes wrong and/or support our healthy habits. Braces give us the ability to cover more surface area with our bushing, knocking out those pesky bacterial films and preventing cavities. 

Other Supporting Advantages To Braces 

Aside from preventing cavities, getting braces can do wonders for your bite. A misaligned bite can screw up the even distribution of force when chewing, biting, and clenching, putting uneven stress on different teeth and areas of your jaw. Because of this, those stressed teeth can be more susceptible to chipping and breaking over long periods. On an interesting note, teeth are vascular structures. Having teeth crowded in some areas and less in others can create an uneven distribution of blood and nutrients to the area. Because of this, the gum itself can start to erode. 

That erosion makes it less likely for one to be able to sustain various implanted structures in the event they want to do so. Braces, because of its ability to align and fill gaps, keeps an even and well-spaced set of structures to keep vascular. 


There isn’t much of a downside to getting braces. There are so many advancements and styles in this day and age. They’re not your braces from 80’s movies. So if you’re due for a set, what are you waiting for? More cavities? Receding gums? Call your orthodontist and schedule an appointment today.

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Is Spray Foam Insulation Worth The Money?




Bad insulation is one of the most common issues homeowners face. While it might not seem like a big deal to some, bad insulation leads to structural issues, entails higher utility bills, and renders most HVAC units ineffective. This is why there are different insulation options customers can choose from. Spray foam insulation, in particular, is favored by many homeowners thanks to its effectiveness. However, it remains one of the most expensive insulation options on the market. So, is spray foam insulation worth the money? Read on to get the answer.


Let’s start with the positives of spray foam insulation. When homeowners hear about the cost of spray foam insulation, they usually think it is a bit high, especially when compared to other options like fiberglass. Nonetheless, you need to understand that the benefits of spray foam greatly offset its costs. Here are some of the benefits of going for spray foam insulation.

It Works Great

Because you need to invest in the best insulation option for your house, there is no better way of doing so than opting for spray foam. What sets spray foam apart from other options is that it provides an unmatched airtight level of insulation. Since spray foam expands after it sets, it fills any holes or gaps. It can also expand to reach the tightest corners and seal them effectively. Thus, spray foam is considered the most effective insulation option on the market.

It Helps You Save Money

Given it is high installation costs, spray foam insulation might seem the least likely option to save you a pretty penny. However, it can help you cut costs on energy consumption down the road. Since the insulation it provides is airtight, you will find that you are getting lower utility bills. Great insulation means that your house remains cool in summer and warm in winter, eliminating the excessive use of HVAC units and fans. Also, it does not hurt that lowering your energy consumption leads to less pollution—just something to mull over.

It Maintains Your Home’s Structural Integrity

More often than not, poor insulation entails bacteria and water leakages that encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Indubitably, mold, and mildew are every homeowner’s greatest enemy, as they negatively impact the structural integrity of any building. Additionally, they attract moths and other pests that can infest your home—a frightening idea indeed! Nevertheless, by eliminating water leakages and bacteria, you can get rid of mold. When it comes to preventing mold and mildew from growing, you will probably not find a more effective solution than spray foam insulation due to its water-resistant feature.  


It’s Expensive

Unfortunately, we cannot ignore the high costs of installing spray foam insulation. When compared to other insulation solutions, the cost of spray foam is downright astronomical. Generally, it can amount up to $6 for every square foot. On the other hand, a square foot of fiberglass costs only $0.40. Despite its amazing benefits, spray foam insulation remains unaffordable for many homeowners.

It Doesn’t Last Forever

Given the money you will be willing to put up to install spray foam insulation, you should at least expect it to be a one-time purchase. Sadly, this is not how spray foam works. If you live in an area that experiences wacky weather, then the layer of spray foam itself might shrink, compromising its effectiveness. To solve this problem, you will need either to give your house a new coat of spray foam or just completely remove the old layer and start anew. Both options do not sound enticing, especially when calculating the overall cost of the installation.

It Can Be Installed Only by a Professional

If you are someone who likes to get creative and DIY their house renovation projects, then you are in for a big disappointment. Spray foam insulation cannot be installed by a non-expert due to the safety hazards the process involves. Professional installers usually wear protective gear to protect themselves from the chemicals in the spray foam. Furthermore, the process itself needs some experience to go without a hitch, as you might overlook some gaps and end up with a botchy installation.

After considering the pros and cons of spray foam insulation, you need to come to your conclusion on whether it is the best option for you. With that being said, we recommend that you at least give it a try since its pros outweigh its cons. By installing spray foam insulation, you can rest assured that your home is highly protected and also enjoy giving your HVAC a break. If you are willing to cover the costs of both the installation and the spray foam itself, there is a lot to gain from opting for this option!

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