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Penguin CBD and its role in the progress of the global CBD industry



The use of Cannabis is increasingly widespread day by day, supported by the number of permits issued by several countries related to its circulation. Many people say that Cannabis is a new El Dorado in the investment world. The United States, as a country, has not yet issued an official permit but more and more states have issued licenses to use Cannabis, It is estimated by BDS Analytics, a research firm, that in the next two years, sales of Cannabis products in the United States will reach no less than $ 32.2. Canada, a neighboring US, has given permission, resulting in a drastic increase in sales of Cannabis products since 2018. On the other hand, several European countries such as Denmark, Luxembourg and France have given wider permits related to the use of Cannabis / CBD products . This certainly gives a breath of fresh air to the CBD industry throughout the world, thereby making investment in the CBD one of the most profitable in the next few years.

Penguin CBD is a new player in the CBD business. They may not be very well known but are predicted to soon become big names in this industry. Penguin CBD takes its resources from Oregon agriculture. It should be noted that Oregon agriculture is USDA certified agriculture. This means that the farm does not use any pesticides. All plants there grow naturally so there is no transfer of synthetic chemicals to consumers. Broadly speaking the hemp that has been harvested is taken to the lab to undergo the CO2 extraction process for pure CBD oil.

Penguin uses a third-party test, Pro Verde Laboratories, to test every product it produces. This means that Penguin is truly serious about meeting industry standards, ensuring that every product is free from contaminants. You can see their lab results in detail by accessing the Penguin CBD website.

Not only oil, Penguin CBD also sells CBD in the form of gum, cream and capsules. But in this article we will focus on CBD oil.

Penguin CBD Oil

This is a broad spectrum extract that does not contain THC. Available in three flavors; Citrus, Mint and Natural, the Penguin CBD oil quickly gained immediate attention from CBD lovers. There are 3 doses prepared; 250 mg ($ 45), 600 mg ($ 75) and 1000 mg ($ 105). So far the 600 mg dose is the best-selling on the market. It is recommended to use a pipette for the best effect. Place the dose under the tongue and wait for 1 minute before swallowing. This method will ensure that CBD can be absorbed and circulate throughout the bloodstream without obstacles.

Penguin CBD, as a CBD company, has a strong mission to improve public health through CBD. They also provide a kind of investment program through the so-called Penguin CBD Scholarship. This investment is worth $ 1500 and is a one-time investment. Penguin CBD Scholarship is a promising form of modern investment for the wider community.

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