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The most important thing that comes into our minds when we think about education is acquiring knowledge. Education is a tool that allows people to learn, acquire skills, procedures, and information, and get to know their rights and responsibilities to their family, society, and country. It also increases the vision and outlook of seeing all the world. Education develops the skills to fight injustice, brutality, bribes, and many other destructive behaviors in society. To lead a perfect life, knowledge is essential for everyone. Below are the benefits of acquiring education:


If we aspire to view the world as a fair and just place where every person has the same rights and opportunities, then education is needed. Education is an absolute precondition if we have to eliminate the current contrasts between different social classes and genders. It opens up numerous possibilities for the under-privileged people to have equal opportunities in well-paid occupations. It as well plays a crucial role in empowering women.

Ability to read and write

Education makes a person know how to read and write. And since a lot of the information is conveyed through writing, it is a key to numerous daily activities. A person with this ability to write and read is competent. He/she can read magazines, books, signs, and symbols. He/she can comprehend other people’s stories and encounters to add to his/her knowledge.

Additionally, education assists individuals read signposts on the street, at shopping centers, and transport or flight stations as well. It assists in daily activities such as banking, money exchange, and shopping. Without substantial education, one has to rely on others to do all of the above basic needs.

Make yourself self-dependent

Education is essential if you aspire to be a self-dependent individual. It makes you be financially stable, but that’s not all. Learning also makes you smarter, so you can make your own decisions.

For a happy and stable life

If you want to live an optimistic life and appreciate the good things that the world brings, you need to acquire education. An incredible job, high social awareness are many of the numerous benefits of an informed individual. Education is an indisputable prerequisite for a promising and safe future and a stable life.

Express perspectives and feelings:

Through education, a person can express his/her views excellently. He can stand and speak to a large group of people by writing in magazines, letters, and video chronicles. Numerous artists and authors are known worldwide and recognized for their ability to impact people. However, this ability is an innate ability and guidance that improves your fitness. An individual can even communicate competent and individual issues in a written structure. They can do it by e-mail, letters, books, etc. Numerous people compose books, ballads, and stories based on their education.

Problems with traditional educational institutions can’t fix.

Importance of transparency for donations/sponsorships

Sponsorship’s come to the needy students who are aspiring to get an education but are facing financial difficulty. Many people who fall under this group show tremendous potential in different areas and need a boost to fulfill their dreams. This is the time sponsors come in to offer financial support to such people and might provide full or partial donations for their studies. The sponsored students show proficiency in their classroom or different areas like sports, arts, and leadership. The sponsorship’s also change after term, with others taking one module or semester, while others extend the entire period of the study.

Sponsorship’s arrive in various types of funds or different utilities, e.g., uniforms, tools, and some more. This as well assists in rationalizing the teaching process and improving the society. These funds not only subsidize and organize utilities to the needy students but also serve as inspiration for others to work smart. It as well shows how many of the benefactors or supporters welcome the education.

Transparency in Educational Sponsorships

One issue that exists in such sponsorship’s is the lack of transplant. This is a big problem that can lead to the robbing of opportunities to those who rightly deserve it. Transparency and reliability are crucial as they make the students work hard in class and recognize that their efforts will be rewarded at the end of the day. Also, the donor knows that his gifts are being used rightly, and they might even increase the distribution to help increasingly poor students.

However, a lack of authenticity exists when some individuals corrupt their way to such opportunities. Or even when there are no representatives, but donations are assigned to them. Other situations comprise misappropriation of such donations causing the student to be in a state of insufficiency.

Consequently, a satisfactory agreement was needed to manage sponsorship and gifts. There are some fool-proof sponsorship frameworks, one of which is block-chain-based sponsorship.

Certificate forgery

Certificates given in schools are usually available in the form of hard copy. And whenever an individual applies for the job in a company, either public or private, they present these hard copies. It is the task of the company to examine if the certificates are genuine or not. There is a possibility that some may have made the certificate, which is not authentic, and it may go unnoticed by the versifier. This, in the end, may secure this person a job, thus promoting incompetence in the field applied. A lot of cases have been reported in the past where individuals are caught distributing forged certificates of various companies at a low price.  

Blockchain solutions

Block-chain-based sponsorship’s are taking advantage of the cryptocurrency unit wave that is characterized by the financial world in this era. In this case, if you are a sponsor, you transfer your donations in the form of tax credits deposited on a contract account liquidated in the cryptographic monetary unit. You can monitor the contributions and their usage, and therefore, enhance transparency in the distribution and use of the donations. The encryption units that contain the assets are traceable if you need them. This is the right way to achieve reliability in grants.


The use of this content in your activity is Bit-degree, a type of block-powered sponsorship. Bit Degree comes with a framework that resembles a pay-on-delivery concept. As a donor interested in this channel, you assign donations in a contract account, which will be given to needy students on completion of education. This is a donor to student agreement without the association of a facility. The assets are held in trust and are transformed into BEG tokens at a ratio of 1:1. If you are a needy student, apply for the grant, and clarify your needs and goals, which he must meet. At this point, you must complete your personal information, which is subjected to intensive monitoring for verification purposes. When confirmed, they are made public for you to get a donor.

As shown, the donations are stored in a Smart Agreement account and will be discharged to the student account upon completion of the studies. This is critical in overcoming dishonesty, mainly if there are non-existent students. As evidence, of course, fulfillment is a prerequisite for discharging donations.

Certificate verification (Blockcerts)

To eliminate such issues and reduce the creation of fake files, you can use the block-chain innovation. Block-chain can be utilized to keep file information that can be retrieved by any person from any location. The block-chain is a decentralized, equally allocated ledger. The information stored in the block-chain cannot be easily edited. It is a kind of database that is not centralized and managed by a set of instructions.


There are many Block-chain and ICON events in the world that take place monthly. The sooner they concentrate on the future of education, the better. The future of our education is a double way street. The status quo, as usual, can be maintained, and the sector will be changed at a slow pace, or the block-chain can be coordinated to create an energetic, decentralized and transparent educational framework suitable for all. The future of education begins today, and it starts with the selection of Block-chain innovation.

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