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Things that we used to see only in sci-fi movies a decade ago have today become a reality. At present, you can see cars running without drivers, Alexa and Siri are interacting with humans, home appliances can be switched on/off through a smartphone, and whatnot. In short, machines are becoming smarter. What do you think is driving all these tasks? Yes! It is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning that is allowing present gadgets to be smart. 

The worldwide artificial intelligence market is estimated to reach USD 390.9 billion by the year 2025, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 46.2 percent during the forecast period (2019-2025). Image and voice recognition are factors driving this growth of the AI market. It is such a revolutionist technology that major corporate players like Google, Amazon, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Facebook, Baidu Inc., Zebra Medical Vision, etc are hugely investing in AI-related projects. 

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While things may seem much complex, AI and machine learning aren’t too tough to start. However, you should have an interest in the field to excel and become a part of the scarce AI talent pool. Yes, it’s true that the demand for proficient AI professionals is high, yet companies are finding it hard to fill their related positions due to the lack of a skilled workforce. So, why not think of taking AI and ML courses and begin an exciting career!

Let us learn more about AI and machine learning and how you can learn it from scratch. 

An Introduction to AI and Machine Learning 

Though AI is a broad field, but in simple terms, it can be explained as the science and engineering of enabling machines to perform ‘human-like’ activities. Experts have been trying for decades to simulate human intelligence in machines and we are seeing its applications in the past three to four years. Today, you can see robots taking your order and serving food in restaurants. That is artificial intelligence at work!

Machine Learning is a subset of AI which is responsible for the large number of AI-powered advancements and applications that we come across. It is all about learning from the data that we feed to the machines through algorithms, grow and then find insightful information.  Through machine learning, computers are made to act without programming them explicitly. 

Currently, there is hardly any industrial sector that is not harnessing the potential of AI. Be it healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or information technology, AI is helping businesses promote innovation and design the best-in-class products for their customers. Here are some of the sectors leveraging AI and machine learning:

  • Healthcare –  Wearable devices like fitness bands can track heart rate, calories lost on working out, and even send health reports to get advice from doctors.
  • Finance – Finding insights from stock market data is helping investors know where to trade, and banks are using AI for fraud detection too.
  • E-Commerce – Companies like Amazon and Flip-kart are utilising user search and order history to recommend new products that are likely to be purchased.
  • Government Sectors – Government agencies have different data resources from where the data can be mined to gain insights and reduce costs with increased efficiency.
  • Automotive – Manufacturers are using predictive analysis to monitor and share crucial information related to the potential vehicle or part failures with dealerships so as to reduce maintenance costs.

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Join Purdue University

If you are looking to build a career in AI and Machine Learning, look no forward to Purdue University. Located at West Lafayette, Indiana, it is a top-five US public university that offers over 200 undergraduate programs and has fourth-highest international student enrolment. It also offers online courses to connect with learners across the world who cannot take on-campus programs. 

Simplilearn, a leading online certification provider, has partnered with Purdue University in collaboration with IBM to offer the Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning. In this 12 months comprehensive program, you’ll gain expertise in Python, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Advanced Deep learning, Speech recognition, reinforcement learning, and computer vision. 

What makes it different from other post-graduate programs are some of its unique key features like Purdue Alumni Association Membership, certification from IBM, working on more than 25 industry projects on integrated labs, more than 450 hours of blended learning, and a capstone project in three domains. Moreover, you will get IIMJobs Pro-Membership for six months which will assist you in preparing for interviews and finding your dream job.  

Learning tools like IBM Watson, Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Matplotlib, and NLTK will further enhance your practical learning experience. The eligibility requirements are also minimal, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and around two years of work experience, and a basic understanding of programming concepts and mathematics. 

So, visit the Simplilearn website and check out the details regarding the curriculum. On completing the course, you will realize that all the effort and time dedicated was worth it. Sooner, you will see yourself working as an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning engineer. 

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