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Read These Facts About Custom Bath Bomb Boxes to Get Best Results



bath bomb boxes

Bath bombs are famous for their colorful appearance and soothing fragrance. Other than that, they nourish the skin as well. They are available in interesting varieties such as cosmic bath bombs, lavender bath bombs, citrus bath bombs, cupcake bath bombs, frizzy bath bombs, etc. It is not right to package these bath bombs in ordinary boxes. That’s why every professional bath bomb supplier uses custom boxes for bath bombs. These boxes are easy to style based on the type of bath bomb. For example, for lavender bath bombs, graphics, colors, and typography of packaging will be related to lavender. Furthermore, if you want to sell each bath bomb separately, you will obviously need separate boxes per size of your bath bombs. Now let’s discuss some interesting facts about custom bath bomb packaging.

Resistant Packaging Materials

Bath bombs are highly sensitive to dust and moisture. You need to protect them using proper packaging. But, before getting packaging, you need to know what is the most reliable bath bomb packaging. As bath bombs are highly susceptible to damage so get resistant packaging boxes. For that purpose, you should know about resistant packaging materials which are:

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • E-flute corrugated materials

These materials are paper but they are strong enough to protect bath bombs. They are resistant to dust, heat, and moisture. You can package bath bombs inside cardboard and Kraft boxes. Their longevity as well as sustainability makes them suitable to store bath bombs for a longer period. Even though these kinds of Bath Bomb Boxes are best for your business, still you can make them more reliable by applying moisture-resistant coating on their surface. 

Creative Shapes

If you visit the market, you can see that professional companies are using creatively designed custom bath bomb boxes. These kinds of boxes make their bath bombs superior to competitors. You can also make creative boxes for bath bombs by designing unique shapes. You can get one-piece boxes for bath bombs. Two-piece boxes for bath bombs if you want something unique. Bath bomb flap boxes also give your products an aesthetic appeal.

Suppose you place a bath bomb in the flap box containing a deep insert. The customer will smoothly open the flap lid and look at the bath bomb. Additionally, your bath bomb will look just like a colorful moon inside this kind of box. You can design one of a kind shape for bath bomb packaging. That’s because cardboard and Kraft materials are easy to modify into any kind of box for bath bombs.

Colorful Appearance

Custom bath bomb packaging is incomplete without a wash of colors. You can select colors exactly like the colors of your bath bombs. CMYK and PMS color models will print the exact colors. Besides that, you can also print colors that do not match your bath bombs but look attractive with them. For instance, a red colored box will be perfect for black bath bombs. This way, you can get colorful boxes for bath bombs. If you want multiple colors to print on boxes, you need to ensure that each color looks perfect with the other. Furthermore, you can select colors that are in the theme of your business. The colors can either attract or distract customers. Therefore, wise color selection is necessary.

Innovative Prints

Colorful boxes will still look incomplete without accurate prints such as images or typography. You can print custom-designed bath bomb boxes for business promotion. For example, you can print a business logo on the front side of these boxes for effective advertisement. Customers will look at the logo and know about your bath bomb business.

You can ease customers by giving them a brief introduction to your bath bombs. For that, you need to print exceptional benefits and flavors of your bath bombs. This way, they will know which bath bomb to pick up. To further upgrade personalized bath bomb packaging, you can print pictures. Offset and digital printing techniques are available to give a professional appearance to bath bomb packaging. Your prints are of no use if they fade out too easily. That’s why put your hands on these techniques to get perfectly printed boxes.

Perfect Finishes

Several finish options are available to give an outstanding appearance to personalized bath bomb boxes. These options include embossing, debossing, foiling, and coating techniques. You can make your brand name or logo more prominent by using embossing and debossing techniques. They will give an elevated or deviated appearance to the packaging surface. You can also use gold or silver foiling techniques to get luxury bath bomb packaging. The metallic touch will make your boxes more eye-catchy to look at. Other than that, many brands use foiling techniques to highlight the business logo.

You can use matte, glossy, or UV spot coating to get bespoke bath bomb packaging. A layer of coating will preserve the prints of the packaging. Plus, it will protect bath bombs against dirt and humidity. Moreover, the moisture-resistant layer will prevent the penetration of water particles. All these unique features of custom bath bomb packaging are crucial for the business.

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