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The digital marketing trends and how social media greatly influenced them



We love to analyze marketing innovations. It’s interesting to see what’s hot and what’s cold in the market, but to make this study as practical and applicable as we like, our team is equally interested in which communication channels and innovation techniques will have the biggest business effects on business enhancement. Our analysis provides examples of the latest innovations in digital media, technology, and data that support the digital transformation and also how social media greatly influenced them.

A good example of the business impact that digital media and technology have on a business is the Dominoes Pizzeria. Domino CEO of Britain, Dave Wild, spoke about the impact that digitization had on business at a Technology for Marketing / E-commerce congress. Domino of Great Britain only accepted orders via mobile devices in 2010, when online sales accounted for less than 30% of the company’s sales. Eight years later, Domino has more than 50 percent of the market, with digital transactions accounting for over 80 percent of revenues, and the smartphone app accounting for more than ⅔ of all sales. Most of the apps are social media apps.

In this review of digital innovation, I will present some examples of the latest marketing techniques being applied by leading companies that are likely to be market trends this year.

To structure my analysis, I will take a closer look at these new techniques and technologies, supported by these digital marketing communication techniques that form the digital channel:

1. Planning Trends and Digital Marketing Strategies

A key trend within the overall digital strategy development plan is the current popularity of digital transformation programs. Recent research from members of a digital transformation webinar has shown that about ⅓ of the digital business is planning a digital transformation for the next 12 months, and about ¼ is already on the journey. These results are very similar to what we have seen in other general surveys we have conducted.

Within a digital marketing strategy, there is a constant interest in developing integrated digital marketing strategies that use multiple communication channels simultaneously. Digital transformation programs are the answer to the challenges generated by the pockets of digital information in companies where there is difficulty or total failure in the digital integration of information within the company. In these cases, we recommend using a more consumer-centrist approach so that you can review the approach for different personas within the cycle presented below. In today’s era of channelize marketing (all communication channels are integrated for a better user experience), there are a variety of marketing techniques that can be applied to paid, proprietary or deserved media, which we advise to review within the journey of user.

If you are wondering “Why channelize?”: Omani comes from Latin Omanis, which means “all, all, complete, whole, integral.” This prefix emphasizes the importance of finding ways to reach and interact with consumers through multiple touch points within all communication channels. It shows a very technical approach to targeting specific audiences, but must recognize that budgeting needs to prioritize the communication channels that deliver the best results.

2. Marketing Planning and Strategy

Ultimately, it’s the business, marketing, and development of branding strategies that fuel a business’s growth, so it’s important to have a healthy branding and marketing strategy before you start working on digital tactics. Otherwise, your efforts in digital tactics are quite likely to be wasted when directed at an inappropriate audience, or when your brand lacks sufficient market value. The key trend here is the way digital technologies and media offer opportunities for digital disruption. Digital marketing is not always used as a switch yet.

3. Search Marketing Trends

Since Google dominates the search results that businesses receive in return, our summary of search marketing trends will focus on Google. The most obvious change launched was the Google Marketing Platform, which had Adwords renamed to Ads, and the largest and most complex integration between data analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Data Studio and AB testing with the Paid Ads. For organic searches, one of the changes to watch out is Google’s Speed ​​Update, which will penalize slower sites, which was released recently after months of testing. Although this tool initially only affects slower sites, given past experience, we can expect Google to make changes to the measurement algorithms to increasingly affect sites that do not constantly update and improve site speeds.

4. Trends for Social Media

One of the best sources for compiling data on the use of the Internet and Social Media is the Annual Report on Marketing and Communication, commissioned by the US Government – Communications Market Review. The most recent report, published a few months ago, gives a good view, and summarizes well the most recent changes in the relationship of social networking by age group between 2016 and 2018:

Facebook – Presents static growth or decline in use across all age groups except 55+, which is now the largest consumer audience on the social network

Instagram – Shows audience growth across all age groups, with the 25-34 age group being its most public, followed by the 18-24 age group

Snap-chat – The largest consumer group, and the one with the highest growth rate, is again the 25-34 age group, proving that Snap-chat is not a social network for teens. In fact, there is an increase in users also in the older age groups, which are not so far behind the younger age groups. However, the frequency of use of this social network is not taken into account within these graphs.

5. Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Of all the communication channels we are covering in this article, discovering new techniques for using email marketing is challenging. Most email marketing tactics have been around for a long time, and newer techniques are related to improving the relevance and interactivity of this channel on smartphones. This recent comparative report on e-mail experiences in the retail and tourism industries provides a good gauge of this.

In essence, the five points above are closely related to communication and today’s communication is more happening on social media. Thus the trend of using social media has a big influence on digital marketing.

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